Fed up with the arbitration decisions that weigh down the VCF

Valencianism feels mistreated by Meriton Holdings, but also by the referees. Especially in the last two seasons. Since the club took the RFEF to court for the new format of the 2020 Spanish Super Cup, the fans feel that the arbitration body is not fair to the team. The latest robbery at the Camp Nou has caused the Valencian fans to explode. The decision of Alberola Rojas and Jaime Latre not to award a penalty in the clear demolition of Franck Kessié to Fran Pérez has exhausted the patience of the people and has fueled suspicions of arbitration persecution when are still present in the memory of all those private messages from Luis Rubiales in which he recognized that the Valencia It was one of the three Spanish football clubs that he liked the most. The Valencian player has reasons to be fed up with the referees.

Libertad VCF has taken a step forward in the face of the inaction of the property. The club remains silent at the institutional level without a statement in this regard. Only Miguel Ángel Corona’s lukewarm speech at the end of the game. Asked about the possibility of asking the RFEF for explanations, the Technical Director assured that “the best thing is to continue competing.”

In response to that neglect, the opposition platform peter lim yesterday submitted a formal complaint to the RFEF with a copy to the CSD (Consejo Superior de Deportes) as a protest against the arbitration injustices suffered. “First of all, we want to make it known that the Valencian fans and the club cannot be left helpless and unprotected in the face of injustices”, The letter began by pointing out the largest shareholder. “These events and others of a similar severity suffered by Valencia make us fear that we are facing a competition adulterated in one way or another, having dire consequences for our sport.”

Libertad requests the RFEF and the CSD to establish «an ex officio commission to investigate the refereeing performance in the current competition of The league that can clarify the origin of the alleged irregularities that are marking the competition and They are difficult to explain and no coverage behind the interpretive margin once the VAR technology has been established.

Valencia. League match Valencia CF – Real Sociedad JM Lopez

The Agrupació also said ‘enough already’. “Enough already! We feel harmed by the arbitrations against Valencia, we ask for equality criteria for all and that the referees act the same with all the teams. Does VAR really help football? We ask LaLiga and RFEF to reflect.”. The Little Shareholder went even further. They will transmit to a law firm the possibility of a “demand” against Luis Rubiales as president of the RFEF and Medina Cantalejo as head of the referees.

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El Pipo did not want to make blood with the referee. Yesterday he sent a message talking about “rage” and “adversities”, but saving “energy” for the Osasuna final. “With rage. The team left everything on the field and competed at a high level against a great rival and adversity. It’s time to focus our energy on the next home game. We will need you to the fullest ». The players, for their part, also bit their tongues after seeing the consequences it had for José Luis Gayà at the beginning of the season. If anyone was clear that it was a penalty, it was Fran Pérez himself. The youth player felt that he arrived earlier and that although the contact was not very strong, it was enough to knock him down due to speed that printed to the play. He left indignant and convinced that it was a penalty long before seeing it in pictures.

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