ex-paquita says she was wronged when she was excluded from the tribute for the presenter’s 60th birthday

Xuxa won a special on TV because of her 60 years, but the tribute left out the former paquita Andréa Sorvetão, who reacted: ‘Injustice to tell an incomplete story’

60 years of Xuxa: Andréa Sorvetão reacted after being left out of the special in honor of the ‘queen of the little ones’. ‘Sad and terrified’.

Photo: Disclosure, RecordTV/Agnews / Purepeople

Xuxa Meneghel is about to turn 60, on the 27th, and has been winning a series of tributes on TV, one of them in a recording of “Altas Horas”, which made Sasha cry. It so happens that the retrospective left out one of the most iconic paquitas of “Xou da Xuxa” (1986-1992): Andrea Sorvetao. Singer, juror and wife of Conrado, Andréa claimed to have been left out of the tributes due to a political disagreement with Xuxa.

It doesn’t hurt to remember that the judge of “Canta Comigo” (RecordTV) supports former president Jair Bolsonaro, while Xuxa revealed her vote for Lula in the 2022 election, even having a discussion with a fan. This division even reached the presenter’s family, who stopped talking to her sister, who died this year.

This Friday (10), through his lawyers with a note of clarification on Instagram, Sorvetão manifested himself. According to the statement, the former paquita and her family were “saddened and appalled” by the non-invitation. And they said it was “unfair to tell an incomplete story”.

Xuxa x Andréa Sorvetão: ex-paquita revolts with Sasha’s mother

“Andréa Maria da Silva Faria Antunes, known by the artistic name of Andréa Sorvetão, comes through its legal representation with the criminal lawyer Dr. Gil Ortuzal and the lawyer Géssica Machado, to clarify that:

Since making her political position public, providing free expression of thought, which is a constitutional right, Andréa and her husband have been suffering…

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