“Everyone thinks what they think”

Monica Naranjo he went to ‘La Resistencia’ to promote ‘Cover Night’, ‘Loco Bongo’ and his tour. The singer is in one of her best professional moments with a busy schedule and a lot of presence on television. During her interview, she has not hesitated to get her face out for Miguel Bose before the jokes of the presenter.

he’s crazy!”, have been the first words of David Broncano when talking about Miguel Bosé. “It has come from my soul, it is that he is very crazy. He has earned it. He had a time when he said things that could seem a little crazy“, he continued.

Monica Naranjo, in ‘The Resistance’

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“A person who says what he thinks in a society like this, in which we are currently living, does not have to be out of the pot. Everyone thinks what they think and you have to respect“, have been the first words of the singer in defense of Miguel Bosé.

“I adore Miguel and I’m not going to let you mess with him“, Mónica snapped at Broncano in a humorous tone. The singer did not want the artist to be joked with in front of her.

David Broncano, in 'The Resistance'

David Broncano, in ‘The Resistance’

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“He said that Bill Gates had microchipped him and people said:he’s crazy!”, Broncano insisted. “In times of pandemic so many things have been said…“, Mónica Naranjo wanted to justify about Bosé’s controversial statements.

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