Escrivá will raise social contributions to enter 15,000 million more a year and ensure the payment of pensions

As EL ESPAÑOL-Invertia announced, there is an agreement for the pension reform between the two political forces of the government coalition, PSOE and Unidas Podemos. The measures, which They do not include any type of trim in future benefits, address the sustainability of Social Security with significant increases in social contributions contributed mainly by companies. Specifically, the Escrivá plan, when it is fully deployed (by 2045), aspires to revenues worth an additional 1.2% of GDP per year. That is, about 15,000 million euros.

This is indicated by sources from the Ministry of Labor and Unidas Podemos, which have actively participated in the negotiation. These revenues will be achieved through a triple path: with the increase in the maximum bases, with the generation of a solidarity tax on the highest salaries and through the intergenerational solidarity mechanism. When

On the one hand, there is the ‘distope’ of the maximum bases. However, in this case, the figures are not clear. According to the sources consulted, the specific rise (which will be progressive) in the negotiation of the Social Dialogue has yet to be closed. It would start in 2024.

On the other hand, the solidarity rate will be applied from 2025 on the highest wages and that are not covered by the ‘distop’ of contributions. The idea is that they end up paying 6% of the gross salary (in 2025) and that the hiring company pays it in full.

To this is added the Generational Solidarity Mechanism (MEI), a surcharge on contributions that is extended until 2050. Its amount is also increased: if today it is at 0.6% and it will mean 1.2% to which it will be reached with progressive and annual increases of one tenth.

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