Ernesto Alterio tells in ‘La Resistencia’ the object with which he recorded a sex scene: ”It’s very unworthy”

The resistance The week begins in Movistar Plus with a luxury guest. The actor Ernesto Alterio attended the program presented by David Broncano to talk about his new film Mari(two).

In his new project he shares the scene with the actor Paco León and it will hit theaters on March 10. The film is a very crazy comedy, according to the director of the filmLucia Germany.

Ernesto Alterio in ‘The Resistance’


Ernesto entered the set to a great ovation from the public. It was the second time that the actor set foot in the Teatro Príncipe Gran Vía. Broncano made reference to the fact that he is one of the few people to have come twice in the same season. Ernesto said that he had come from shooting a movie in Argentina and that the intimacy coordinator there, the one who helped make the intimate scenes better, came with a kind of strange bag to cover the intimate parts that he did not know how to place. ”It’s very unworthy, I didn’t want to wear it,” he said. ”Like a grandmother’s purse,” said the presenter. An invention that was not liked by the actor.

Ernesto wanted to deliver the typical gift that all the guests bring, but this time it was addressed to Grisson. It was a gift pompom for his children. Afterwards, everyone has started to carry out challenges with bubbles. Suddenly, Ernesto imitated David Bustamante’s pose in one of his colonies.

Once everyone was seated in their place, David asked them about their physical condition. ”I feel better in terms of attractiveness with the passing of the years,” said the guest. He also boasted of hair. ”I thought I was going to be bald at 20,” he said. He also confessed that he takes great care of his hair. ”There is a medicine that is used for the prostate that in small doses makes hair grow,” he said. A resource that Ernesto uses from time to time.

After promoting the film, Ernesto explained that it is about two antagonistic guys who receive a call that their wife has had an accident and when they arrive they realize that they have the same wife.

Broncano said that he has never seen the grace of the Fallas. ”I recommend everyone to go to Valencia to live that”, declared Ernesto. David took the opportunity to ask him if he had any phobias. Something to which the guest did not know how to respond and an assistant from the public went up to do a psychology session there on the set. Ernesto ended the interview doing the typical jump of the program, confessing that he had had a great time.

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