“Equality is in our colors”

Coinciding with 8M, Women’s Day, FC Barcelona has launched an awareness campaign with Mapi León and Robert Lewndowski as protagonists. In the ‘spot’ distributed through the club’s social networks, the Polish striker read on your mobile some of the sexist messages that the soccer players receive and then the Aragonese center comments on them. Both then send a message of support for equality in sport.

“We don’t give a shit for you”, “you wouldn’t even be a starter in my town’s team”, “nobody wants to watch your games”, “nobody cares”, “the rules should be adapted for them”, “go to the kitchen!”, “You’re hot!”, “Are you playing tonight? So it’s movie night”, “it’s time to also win the Golden Kitchen”, “the women’s Ballon d’Or doesn’t count”, ” women’s football is not real football, nobody cares”, “what a joke!”, “I hate this stupid team”, “watching women’s football is like watching children’s football”, “how boring!”… are messages you are receiving and reading Lewandowski.

Mapi León takes the baton and point out then that “we receive these types of messages every day due to the fact that we are women. For all of us we will continue to claim our rights for a clear objective, that all the women who come can go further than we will.”

Finish the spot’ with a message from bothin English Lewandowski and in Catalan León: “Igualtat és en els nostres colors” (Equality is in our colors”, in reference to the new ‘pantone’ adopted by the Barcelona club on the occasion of 8-M.

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