England tests Angulo and his Mestalla

The season of Miguel Ángel Angulo’s Valencia Mestalla admits little discussion. Following in the footsteps of the leader in the Second RFEF and offering a great image in the adventure of the Premier League International Cup. Precisely in this competition the pass to the semifinals is played against the subsidiary of Brighton Hove & Albion. The black and white comfortably passed the group stage. They remained undefeated after adding three wins and a draw, four games in which they did not concede a single goal despite the pace and verticality that English teams print.

The truth is Angulo has created a solid, compact and very competitive block. This is confirmed by the two competitions. And it is necessary to remember that the last participations of the Mestalla club had been poor to say the least and this time the solvency is being enormous. Brighton will put the team to the test again, but For the moment the English challenge is settling with the Valencian subsidiary as the most solid team, even acting with many substitutes in some of the games. And it is that perhaps this is the main key of the second black and white team this course: it is a block that performs and competes above names. The technician has them all plugged in, from the team leaders such as César Tárrega, Javi Guerra, Vicente Esquerdo, Pablo Gozálbez, Hugo González and Alberto Marí even the revulsive ones and even footballers with a youth record such as Yarek Gasiorowski, Martín Badger -who has given seven points with three goals in less than 150 minutes- or mario dominguez. These, in fact, travel with the squad and are expected to have an important role in these quarterfinals.


The defense-attack balance is being differential. From a subsidiary that in previous seasons in Second B was an absolute Russian roulette because it generated a lot and was more suited to being a Mestalla that governs, scores goals and closes its goal. It is not that they have not conceded a goal in this competition, it is that in the league they have only scored 15 out of 38 in favor (more than any other).

Hugo Gonzalez

The ‘7’ spoke to the club’s media about this competition and was ambitious with the team’s objective in it: «The idea is to win this Premier League International Cup, gain experiences and play against strong and top teams in our category and try to win the tournament» explained Hugo González. “We are seeing that we are giving the stature against great rivals in England,” said a footballer who returned from injury in the match last weekend at Rico Pérez.

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