El Pipo hooks everyone in this Valencia

Rubén Baraja has given life to Valencia and Mestalla. El Pipo has become the alma mater of a depressed squad and resigned fans who seemed condemned to the second division. The coach has known how to play the necessary keys in search of the reaction and has managed to get the team out of the relegation places. The key within the field has been to establish defensive bases and grow from behind based on clean sheets. However, the great success of the coach has been to change the mood of the team. El Pipo has managed to transform the pessimistic atmosphere that surrounded the Mestalla entity, involving all the fans and the entire squad from the first to the last of the players. Hooking everyone is clear that it is salvation.

Baraja came to the bench with the mission of recovering the power of Mestalla that he knew as a footballer and growing from the union of the group. Both objectives are achieved. The fans feel part of the team’s resurrection. They demonstrated it against Real Sociedad and Osasuna by carrying the team in the air in the middle of a magical atmosphere. The chemistry between players and fans wins the game. Six out of six points are proof. El Pipo has connected to Mestalla, but also to the squad. One of Gennaro Gattuso’s blemishes is that he marked a lot the division between his 14-15 trusted men and the rest of the players who, week by week, logically became unplugged. One of Baraja’s great successes is that he has made all the players feel important. “I count on everyone,” he said as soon as he took office. He was not posturing. Not a “pre-fabricated” speech paraphrasing Rubén. The first three weeks of him at the controls of the team show it. El Pipo has made all the players feel important.

distribution of minutes

Distribution of minutes in Valencia CF

They have all joined the cause. They all think they can add up. The data confirms it. Baraja has used 21 players in just four games. Nico González was the last to get on the boat and Edinson Cavani will do it on Saturday. The ranking of minutes of the squad with Pipo shows that there is not so much difference between starters and substitutes. The best example is Justin Kluivert. The Dutchman came from two substitutions (only 12 minutes against Barcelona and Real) and yet he started against Osasuna ahead of Lino. «I don’t want to personalize but if you are seeing something, it is that we have no problem in giving entry to players who can contribute things. I want them all to be hooked, group unity is important, “Baraja said on Friday when asked by Justin. A day later he was the starter and hero of the match. This is the Valencia del Pipo. Everyone hooked. All adding up. Fans and players.

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