El Hormiguero: Laura Pausini makes her most intimate confession in ‘El Hormiguero’: “I have made love with three people”

LItalian singer-songwriter Laura Pausini has visited this wednesday ‘The Anthill’where he has presented his next single, which is titled ‘A good start’ and that it will come out this Friday, March 10. In addition, he has spoken with Paul Motorcycles of the celebration that he carried out for his 30 years in the world of music performing in New York, Madrid and Milan in 24 hours.

30 years of career and three concerts in 24 hours in New York, Madrid and Milan: “In these 30 years the people who follow me have done crazy things to get where I was and I thought why not do something really crazy for them. I wanted to show myself and show that when you have so much in your career it’s much easier to celebrate from the start.” I had to do difficult things and new challenges, but I prefer that the people who follow me know that I am still crazy”.

The time change between New York and Madrid and Milan: “As a good Taurus I have prepared myself for six months with a speech therapist, a nutritionist and a personal trainer to make a plan together.”

The tour, by private plane: “We had a private plane that accompanied us throughout the tour, the musicians, because we couldn’t handle all the instruments, there wasn’t time to assemble everything and we rented some. Normally on my tours I don’t take a private plane, if I need it to get to time or to be there for dinner with my daughter yes, but not normally”.

What does Laura Pausini do during her trips?: “Unfortunately I eat. And I also write, listen to music, read… Like everyone else, I think.”

Concerts in five languages: “In New York I know because there are people from all over the world. Sometimes I am at home and I think in Spanish or Portuguese. Portuguese is one of my favorite languages. I have learned languages ​​traveling, during flights, I read the press from each nation where I am and I can write them too”.

‘A good start’, his new single: “I have noticed that during the last two years I had uncertain thoughts about myself, that the years go by, that the music is changing… maybe that my professional career was ending when I reached the age of 30. I have done some things to help me like being in `La Voz’, but one day something happened in my life that was like a click and I thought I wanted to know what was after those 30 years in music”. “Keep singing because that’s my mission, it’s my life, keep going with all the energy.”

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After the interview, locks and ravines have asked different committed and intimate questions to Laura Pausini to know how she would react in various situations that usually occur after a break in ‘The text of the good ex’. One of the ants wanted to know what the Italian would do with the condoms that she had not used with her ex-partner, if she used them with a new partner or not because she had bought them with another partner.

“With this question I feel a bit boomer because I am 48 years old and I have had three boyfriends, except one who dumped me because I didn’t give him my ‘thing’ (sex). So I’m a bit old in that sense. I’ve made love to three people, but I haven’t made love to those three people the day I met them, but I have waited a little, a little, and later I have done it, but without a condom, because it was always like I wanted to start a family now. I don’t know, maybe I’m a boomer”, Laura Pausini has exposed.

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