drunken recording, exhibiting his genitals and harassing a woman

New sex scandal in the Premier League. The last to come to the fore has been one of the great stars of the Manchester City, Kyle Walker. the side of Pep guardiola He could face a police investigation after the leak of a video in which he appears publicly showing his genitals while drunk.

The incident has been published by the English press this Wednesday. The events occurred on the afternoon of Sunday, March 5, between 5:20 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., approximately, one day after Manchester City’s victory against newcastle (2-0). Guardiola gave his players two days off, which was taken advantage of by Kyle Walker to party and drink too much with some friends.

the sun publishes a fragment of the video of the scandal – which in its entirety would last 90 minutes – in which Walker appears with a woman who is not his partner –Annie Kilnerwith whom he is married and has three children- in a bar in Manchester. The footballer, international 73 times with England, kisses the young woman and touches her breasts, in addition to lowering her pants in the middle of the bar.

Walker entered the bar “visibly drunk” with friends and two blonde women. In the images you can see the defender drop his pants, to the laughter of his companions. He repeated the gesture before two other different women, to whom he shook hands after covering his parts. Immediately afterwards he culminates the infidelity with one of his friends.

The facts would take serious if the police take action. It is possible that an investigation will be opened against the footballer for public exhibitionism. The scene of him with his pants down in front of the local patrons could cost him dearly if he ends up being accused of ‘indecent exposure’.

Possible penalty for Walker

The newspaper Daily Mail warns that Kyle Walker could face a maximum sentence of two years in prison, if the charges are confirmed. Britain’s 2003 Sexual Offenses Act designates ‘indecent exposure’ when a person intentionally exposes their own genitalia and is likely to cause “alarm or distress” among those present.

The Sun shares the testimony of Teresa Parkerof the association Women’s Aid -The Women’s Aid Federation of England-: “Whether to shock, laugh or intimidate, for those affected by indecent exposure there can be long-term effects, discomfort and trauma. It can give the person who is it exposes a sense of power in the situation. And if there are no repercussions, it may give them the confidence to see what they can do next time.”

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