Drama As Side-Chick Approaches Sugar Dαddy At Event, Reveals Pregnancy In Front Of Wife (VIDEO)

A video that captures the out-of-thinking moment a young lady approached his sugar dαddy in town at an event and also reveals to his wife that she is pregnant has surfaced.

This is from a viral video that is currently making rounds on social media. According to the details, this happened in Lagos of Nigeria.

In the video, the side chick informed her sugar dαddy in front of his wife that she is pregnant for him and it caused a disruption in the activities.

She climbed the table and was creating a scene by speaking to him in high tones, and he looked a bit confused at first.

After some time, the sugar dαddy stood up and wanted to respond to the confrontation, but his wife also stood up to intervene.

She tried to calm the side chic down in a bid to make her leave the hall, but she remained adamant, then the married man acted as if he wanted to forcefully take her out of the place.

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A section of netizens reacted:

“Baba first drink water 😂😂😂”

“Ilorin people 😂”

“Look closely guys both d girl and d wife were stylishly laughing.. Even the lady on d left side self. Na prank cos wetin wan make the house wife laugh in this kind of awuyewuye👎”

“If that’s the wife holding the girl back then God bless her soul”

“So now she dey expect good things from alhaji bah? Oloun she go suffer”

“For what this girl just did I hereby disqualified her as a sidechick 😂 very rude somebody”

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Source: OccupyGh.net 

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