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Dracula: The Dark Prince-2013 Film Explained | Dracula Dark Prince Summarized   | Dracula: The Dark Prince (2013) Thriller film defined. The American Thriller Horror film “Dracula Dark Prince” tale is summarized with a complete finishing explanation. The Plot is set by the Romanian prince names ” Dracula”. When he leaves his property for the task, assigning all obligations to his spouse then his spouse is killed through the knights and the advisers of his state. ” Dracula” could be very dejected, returning lower back. He kills all of the advisers and leaves one in every one of them who’s guiltless. Then the wooded area scene is proven in which a set is wandering there on the lookout for Lightbringer. There is a lady named” Alina” who resembles Dracula’s spouse. Dracula’s shield abducts her and ” Dracula” palms her over the necklace of his spouse. She attempts to get away from there however she is likewise stimulated through the affection of ” Dracula” in the long run of the film. The corporations such as many human beings withinside the wooded area attain the fortress of ” Dracula” to rescue “Alina” however the scenario is definitely changed. “Alina” is inclined to live with ” Dracula” whose lower back is to his coffin. She waits for her revival whilst her institution member returns lower back with a dejected coronary heart when “Alina” forbids to go.

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Dracula: The Dark Prince-2013 Film Full Explanation

Dracula is seen at the start of the Film.
He was a Romanian prince from Able’s ancestry.
There was being planned so he may keep away “Turks” from his native land.
“Dracula” assigns his wife the duties of a leader until he will return home.
“Dracula” observes as he returns from the war,
That his advisers have killed his wife.
And those advisers are also planning to end “Dracula”.
“Dracula” comes in rage because of this.
“Dracula” kills all the advisers except one while fighting with them.
He was considering that the adviser is still loyal to him.
“Dracula” is cursed because of murdering many people.
Now he will spend his future life alone.
Many centuries later, a group is seen in a forest,
Who had reached in search of a “Lightbringer” weapon?
“Lightbringer” was such a weapon that could target “Dracula”.
They find the Lightbringer from the forest.
And the group leader asks the two girls to move out of the forest, taking Lightbringer.
Because they were considering the forest’s condition worst.
Some people attack them as both girls named “Esme” and “Alina” leave.
There were the men of “Dracula”. The guard of “Dracula” named “Wrath” also attack them,
And he brings them to “Dracula”, making them captives.
On the other side,
“Alina” and “Esme” hear the mysterious sounds from the forest while crossing it.
And their horses also gallop, falling them down.
And “Esme” loses her consciousness here.
Some robbers attack them as “Esme” restores her senses.
Robber’s leader was “Lucian”. They grab that Lightbringer from both girls.
And they take them away along with them.
Here the group leader of “Esme” and ” Alina” named “Leonardo” who had survived by “Wrath”,
He reaches here while searching for them.
He shows his anger on both of them here. And it is seen here that,
That the Dracula’s guard “Wrath” also reaches here to attack them.
The fight begins among them here.
And many robbers are killed and “Wrath” brings “Alina” to his master “Dracula”.
“Dracula” is left astonished, seeing “Alina”,
Because he takes her as his wife in resemblance.
“Dracula” instructs his adviser, Take care her very much! Take her away!
On the other side, it is seen that there was also “Lucian” with “Esme” and “Leonardo”,
Who had started to have feelings for “Alina”.
Now they were searching for “Dracula” to rescue “Alina”.
The morning arrives accomplishing this task.
Contrarily, “Dracula” is seen who enters such a room while talking with his advisor,
There was a coffin! The mysterious fact was this,
That “Dracula” lies down in the coffin, going near it.
It is perhaps the outcome of that curse that was told at the start of the movie.
“Alina” wakes up in fear as “Dracula” lies down in the coffin.
And she begins to gaze at that room where she had been kept.
As “Alina” comes out of the room, gazing at it.
Then she hears the voices from another room.
Now “Aliina” enters that room from where she was feeling the echo of sounds.
She sees, going there that there was the advisor of “Dracula”.
Here “Alina” had started to converse with the advisor of “Dracula”.
She tells him, It is incredible for me that our heard storied in childhood may be based on truth.
Then Dracula’s adviser takes her to another room.
As he was bandaging her body wounds,
So she says to him that your leader is not a human but a Satan.
He should die. That adviser casts a weird gaze on her here.
Afterward, “Lucian”, Esme” and “Leonardo” come on the scene again.
Where they were trying to use Lightbringer.
They were activating Lightbringer but to no avail.
Meanwhile, “Leonardo” creates a cut mark on the hand of “Lucian”.
And he pours his blood drops into that Lightbringer weapon.
So Lightbringer immediately activates.
Now “Lenorado” was telling them about the powers of Lightbringer.
He tells if the blood drops of vampire are poured into Lightbringer,
Then weapon Lightbringer can resurrect a dead man.
“Alina” is again seen here who was trying to escape.
She comes across a girl on the way,
who leads her to a party hall where a function was being celebrated.
And she tells that we enjoy ourselves here a lot. Let’s enjoy ourselves!
Saying it, “Alina” suddenly knocks out.
Now they all people lie “Alina on the table.
Actually, they all were vampires.
They created this trap to eat “Alina”.
“Dracula” rescues “Alina, coming there as they were going to eat her.
And he uses ill words for his adviser because he had charged a responsibility to him.
As he may take care of her!
Afterward, “Lucian” Esme” and ” Leonardo” are seen in the imprisonment of demon hunters.
It means they are such people who eliminate the devils.
They meet a giant hunter named “Andros” in their gathering.
He tells them that he has been searching for “Dracula” for the last many years.
Because Dracula’s men had abducted his sister many years ago.
After this, he is searching for his sister from that day.
Here it is also revealed that “Andros” is an ax hunter.
It means that he kills devils, using an ax.
The aim of Leonardo and Andros’ groups was the same.
So “Andros” also joins them. “Leonardo,” tells all of them that,
How does a vampire make people drink his blood?
Either someone is died or lives an everlasting life-like “Dracula”.
“Alina” is also afraid here, observing the whole sight.
And she reaches the same room where Dracula’s coffin was placed.
In which he used to lie down. “Alina” finds that coffin so mysterious there.
At the same time, that “Dracula” also arrives there.
Now “Alina,” says to that “Dracula”, Come! You are here to kill me, Kill me!
But “Dracula” overlooks her words while laughing.
He hands her over his wife’s old necklace,
Seeing it, he had started to recall his past.
After this, “Lucian”, ” Leonardo” and “Esme” are seen.
At the same time, Dracula’s guard “Wrath” attacks them.
“Andros” kills all his men, using his ax.
Meantime, “Lucian” activates that Lightbringer weapon.
And he immediately ends “wrath”.
“Dracula” also feels a bitter pain as he ends “Wrath.
Here “Wrath” falls down near “Lucian”.
He is brought to “Dracula” while lifting him up. “Dracula” was in a rage, seeing “Wrath”.
Then he pours his blood drops on the body of “Wrath”, extracting it.
As a result, “Wrath” is revived. “Alina” who is taking rest,
Then she dreams that “Dracula” is very affectionate and caring,
She also dreams with it how his wife had been killed.
She is frightened, dreaming it. Then she wakes up.
At the same time, “Dracula” approaches there and he leaves after taking her.
Where they talk with each other under the attractive starry sky.
“Dracula” also tells “Alina”, How is he searching for his lost love?
Afterward, Leonardo’s group is seen again who were planning,
Then “Wrath” again approaches them. And they are left astonished, seeing “Wrath” alive.
Because they had ended “Wrath” using that Lightbringer.
Here “Alina” and “Dracula” are seen while rejoicing.
Suddenly, his adviser tells him, coming there,
We have witnessed an approaching group in this direction.
Hearing it, “Alina” utters the name of “Lucian” instantly.
“Dracula” glimpses “Alina” surprisingly. And he asks her, Do you know about “Lucian”?
Then she tells that “Lucian” had abducted them,
So he will be proceeding here in search of her and her sister.
“Dracula” relaxes her saying, Don’t take the stress!
Many people tried to search out this place before this time but they could not succeed.
Dracula,” thinks here as “Alina” has affections for “Lucian”.
When he asks her about her feelings then “Alina” leaves this place, standing up.
Leonardo’s group comes on the scene again.
Who had succeeded to reach here with the help of that Lightbringer?
It is seen that the battle breaks out as they enter the castle.
And “Leonardo” begins to end everyone with the help of his sword.
At last, he reaches Dracula’s guard “Wrath”.
“Wrath” defeats “Leonardo”. On the other side, it is witnessed,
“Lucian” approaches “Alina” with great difficulty.
“Alina” is very pleased, finding him in her room.
Now “Leonardo” is presented before “Dracula”.
Where he orders his adviser, Kill “Leonardo”!
His adviser calls all the vampires at that place so they may end “Leonardo”.
Meanwhile, it is seen that “Esme” and “Andros” reach there while searching for “Leonardo”.
Here “Andros” finds his sister. Seeing her, he is very pleased.
And he begins to move there. “Esme” forbids him from the backside.
But he does not stop because his sister was also calling him towards her.
His sister was going to end him as he embraces her.
“Esme” attacks her behind the back. In this way, “Andros” is secured.
The rest of the vampires also wake up due to this noise.
And they are going to attack “Esme” then “Andros” kills all with his ax.
“Andros” damages the ceiling with his ax so he may create a fleeing path for his members.
Because they had to leave this place in the light of the day.
After doing this, “Leonardo” disappears from there, turning into the dust.
After it, all move to the upstairs room. So they may get from this building out.
Meanwhile, “Wrath” comes after them who is killed with Lightbringer by “Andros”.
As “Andros” kills Dracula’s guard “Wrath,
So “Dracula” also feels unbearable pain. But he does not get the courage to come from that coffin.
Because there was coming the light of the day. As the evening arrives,
Then he instantly reaches that place, coming out of his coffin.
“Dracula” becomes so angry, witnessing his guard “Wrath”.
Because he died there. Then he catches sight of that necklace,
It belonged to his wife. But it had been given to “Alina”.
He feels pleasure, seeing that necklace. But he also feels rejoiced.
So he screams loudly. After it, “Lucian” and his group are seen.
Who wee gathering all demon hunters.
So they may target vampires there. Now they attack after uniting them.
“Dracula,” asks all vampires to finish him.
Now the battle was going on between Dracula’s group and their group.
Meantime, a vampire was going to kill “Alina” then she asks Dracula’s help.
As “Dracula” appears near “Alina”,
So his adviser targets him from the backside.
Dracula’s adviser tells him when he was nearly to die.
That he had murdered his wife many years ago.
“Lucian” who had been wounded by “Dracula”. He immediately throws a knife at “Esme”,
And “Esme” stabs that knife at Dracula’s adviser.
Consequently, he dies. Now “Andros” was approaching here while running,
And he had also that Lightbringer in his hand. And he was going to target “Dracula”,
Then “Lucian stops him because he had known that,
“Alina” liked him now. she moves to Dracula’s coffin room, lifting him up.
She pleads to him, You can resurrect yourself,
Kindly heal yourself! But he does not agree with her.
“Alina” was eventually going to wait for him, staying there.
At the end of the movie, “Lucian” moves away with a broken heart while leaving “Alina” there.
The movie completes this scene.

Dracula: The Dark Prince-2013 Film Details

Dracula: The Dark Prince
Directed by Pearry Reginald Teo
Written by Nicole Jones-Dion
Steven Paul
Pearry Reginald Teo
Produced by Steven Paul
Cinematography Viorel Sergovici
Edited by Stephen Eckelberry
Robert A. Ferretti
Music by Mario Grigorov
Castel Film Romania
Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment
SP Sales Worldwide
Release date
  • October 15, 2013
Running time
100 minutes
  • United States
Language English

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