Doom (2005) Film Explained Summarized

Doom (2005) Film Explained Summarized  | Full Movie Explained

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When many scientists turn out to be trapped and removed on Mars, Doom and his unique Space Marines crew are dispatched to analyze the mishaps and annihilate the creatures. They now control the database as a collection and shoot the life-threatening creature, which was human beings first. So, Doom makes a decision to kill the inflamed at the spot, however, he finally ends up turning into an inflamed guy himself. Finally, he survives and finally ends up killing the final inflamed creature, as they’ve already shot each genetically changed monster and all inflamed human beings like zombies.

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Doom (2005) Film Summary 

A Doom (2005) Horror film defined In English. The American Horror Thriller movie “Doom: Nobody goes to make it out alive” tale summarized with a complete finishing in English explanation. The plot is ready for the peculiar genetically more desirable creatures that stay on Mars. They wreak havoc in a close-by studies facility. When many scientists turn out to be trapped and removed on Mars, Doom and his unique Space Marines crew are dispatched to analyze the mishaps and annihilate the creatures. Doom partnered up with a person named ‘John’, who’s simply as proficient as he is. They are fast teleported to Mars through a mystical clinical portal. There, they meet Samantha, who seems to be John’s sister. They now control the database as a collection and shoot the life-threatening creature, which was human beings first. They quickly recognize right here that creepy large and speedy monster is likewise infecting different everyday human beings. So, Doom makes a decision to kill the inflamed at the spot, however, he finally ends up turning into an inflamed guy himself. It’s as though Hell has damaged loose, and nobody appears to make it out alive. He stops John from killing him in the end, however, John manages to kick him out of that location in his very last effort. Finally, he survives and finally ends up killing the final inflamed creature, as they’ve already shot each genetically changed monster and all inflamed human beings like zombies. This movie is primarily based totally at the online game collection of the identical name, ‘Doom,’ and it stars Dwayne Johnson as The Rock and every other awesome actor, Karl Urban. They are effective troops, however, they need to combat zombie-like creatures who’re thirsty for hunt. Humans can’t without difficulty combat with them. The Rock is understood for signing the great movies of all time, and I assume that is correct. This film is full of thrills, action, and suspense from start to end. These types of movies preserve a unique location in my heart. I’m now no longer certain why it acquired fewer fantastic opinions and acquired little interest no matter being each promising and aggressive.

Doom (2005) Film Full Explanation


In the starting scene, we are shown a lab on Mars.
The lab of those scientists goes to Mars for experiments.
They were panicked and were running here and there as there is someone behind them.
There were males and females in those scientists.
They all care about their life.
Because the creature chases them it was coming to eliminate them.
Don’t know why?
We see a female scientist who was running like others to save her life.
Being panicked she falls down.
When she again runs after making herself stable,
she was about to move another side through a gate.
Before her, the doctor goes there and shuts the door of that place.
Due to it, the hand of the scientist stuck in the door.
It cuts and falls there.
Now the doctor tries to contact everyone.
We all are in trouble and asks for help.
The doctor leads the team of scientists.
If something will happen to them he will be answerable.
Meanwhile, the strong creature breaks the door of that place.
Here the screen turns black.
It is not known that the creature has killed the doctor or the doctor escaped or not.
It will be known further.
Now we are shown Sarge sitting at a place.
On another side, he is told the code is red it means the level of danger is high.
Sarge is told to take care of his team.
When Sarge goes out he sees his team isn’t affected.
They were doing fun there and he scolds them and says the problem is serious.
You all also have to become serious.
Sarge asks them to get ready we have to go to our mission.
They go upstairs while saying ill to him.
But a man there obeys Sarge and he becomes the friend of Sarge.
Now they go to a place in their helicopters.
Does Sarge ask the man from how many years you didn’t meet your family?
He tells him since 10 years.
I haven’t seen the face of my sister.
After some time, they reach a building in their helicopters.
They come upstairs while using an elevator.
There they meet a man and he takes them to a room there was a machine.
It can teleport them to Mars at the place where they are needed.
So they can kill that creature and complete their mission after researching it.
Gradually, they teleport there.
An invisible pouch means a capsule comes around them and they reach there.
Reaching there, they meet a man whose half body was teleported somewhere else
half of his body was there.
The man starts guiding them about the place.
Now Sarge asks his team to get ready their cameras.
Those are fixed in your guns.
They checked them and Sarge tells a man that we are going inside
you will stay here so none will come inside.
Remember, If someone will try to escape from my team
so don’t let that person escape.
Now they go inside and they see a girl Samantha.
She came here from her country to see the data of the lab.
The friend of Sarge is named John.
He asks Sarge that Samantha is a girl will she go with us on a mission?
Sarge says yes, we need her there.
Now together they move to that place.
The place where the creature has attacked.
Going inside, a man asks John why are you so caring about Samantha?
Why were you happy meeting her?
John tells him because she is my sister.
John was happy because he saw his sister after 10 years.
They all go to a room and Sarge assigns them their duties.
That is what they have to do.
They all understand everything but before this, they have to explore this place.
That is any sign of anything left here?
As any mark or data of that creature.
But they face problems there because it was so dark there.
It was a deserted place.
The blonde-haired man reaches a room while using his torch
there were many animals imprisoned.
They were screaming
as they were scared and they want to be free from here.
Others also found creepy things there.
Like some blood-soaked clothes.
On another side, we see Samantha and her brother.
They move into a lab and start copying the data from there.
The blonde-haired man reaches a dangerous place with his companion.
The current was flowing from its wall.
As it was a torturing room.
Or there is something that electric field is placed here to protect it.
On another side, Sarge and his companion reach a room
they come to know the parents of Samantha
and her brother were archeologists.
They also died in a mission.
At that time, their kids were separated.
Samantha chose to live here and her brother comes to another side.
There were many weapons at the place where they were.
Sarge takes a weapon from them but he couldn’t take it
because it was asking for identification.
It denies the identification of Sarge.
On the other side, Samantha was talking to her brother.
She tells him while showing a skeleton,
she was a talented girl.
Whenever she got injuries she healed her wounds immediately.
But her death was mysterious and is unknown till today.
That who was the killer of her.
On another side, the blonde-haired man and his companion hear the voice of someone.
When they turn the torch at that side, there was the doctor
who was sitting being injured while taking the hand of the female scientist.
He was sacred.
His clothes were soaked in blood.
When the blonde-haired man tells everyone they all come there,
seeing them the doctor gets panicked.
Being panicked, he separates his ear from his body.
Samantha comes and does the dressing of the doctor
and during this, the doctor tells Samantha that creature is very dangerous.
You have to escape from it.
On another side, Samantha’s brother goes to the room with his companion
where there were many animals.
He sees there is already someone and he was also a scientist.
He was eating those animals.
He was chewing them raw.
They feel this creepy.
But the scientist comes in anger that why they disturbed him?
He moves toward them to attack them.
Before this, they shoot him.
He fell on another side.
They see his name going near him
meanwhile, Samantha’s brother sees a huge creature moving there
they randomly shoot it together.
But he runs from there.
They tell this to their other teammates.
On another side, Samantha who was taking the blood sample of the doctor
she comes to know while seeing the blood of the doctor
there are some changes in the doctor’s body.
Because his blood was strange.
When Samantha thinks about what her brother was saying that there is a creature.
and when she again sees the stretcher the doctor has run from there.
Samantha’s brother and his teammate go to the side where that creature has gone.
It was a sewerage line.
When they go there their torches turn off.
It was dark there and they see someone’s eyes there.
It was that creature.
It immediately attacks John’s companion
it comes on him and starts eating his flesh from his neck.
But John also takes revenge on it and he kills it while firing on it.
The others also come there and they take his companion’s body to the lab.
so they can see is he alive or dead?
His much blood was wasted.
They couldn’t save his life.
His body and face turn strange.
Sarge comes in anger
and he says Samantha do you know what is happening here?
What were you doing here from then?
Now Sarge orders to shut down the entrance and exit gate
so none will come inside or will go out.
So they can do their work with focus.
Then we see the light goes into the lab.
Samantha goes to a man from the lab and asks him what happened to the light?
There was a dog.
It starts barking while seeing the man,
basically, it wasn’t barking while seeing the man but there was the creature behind him.
The creature hits its hand on the shoulder of that man and injures him.
But the man moves away immediately and comes into the lab while firing it.
The creature also follows him but
then the glass door shuts and the creature is stuck in it.
Now we see Sarge and John at a place
the digging was going on there.
Samantha’s brother tells Sarge because my parents were Archilogosts.
They were also working here.
They died falling from here.
I do remember everything.
There we see the man Sarge assigns him the duty at the entrance gate.
That creature has also cut the neck of that man.
His head falls at a far distance and he dies without any reason.
Sarge also sees this and he fires that creature secretly.
But that creature was sharp and runs from there.
Now Srage says we have to be more careful.
Let me take some more weapons till then take care of that creature.
maybe it will attack someone again.
In the lab, we see Samantha was doing an inspection on that injured man’s body.
That how he died?
Then the man revives,
the companion of John who was killed by the creature in the sewerage.
He says to Samantha and her companion to kill him.
Because I know soon I will turn into the creature.
But Samantha and the other man couldn’t do this.
The man himself takes his life while collapsing
his head with the mirror multiple times.
Now Sarge reaches the room from where he has to take weapons.
This time he matches his DNA while hacking the machine,
he takes the weapons.
On another side, we see the Blonde haired man and his companion
where Sarge has left them the creature arrives there.
But the blonde-haired man goes to the washroom.
His companion was alone from behind.
The creature attacks him.
The creature pulls that man to it while putting a hand on his shoulder.
We see its long ferocious teeth.
It lifts up the man and hits him again and again with the road.
After it, it throws him in a ditch.
There he stuck with some rods and chains.
But that man hits the creature with his legs while holding the chains.
He throws that creature at a far distance.
He throws some monitors on the head of the creature.
Due to it, the creature also gets injured.
The creature comes in anger and it lifts the man and hits him with the electric walls.
The electric waves were coming out of it.
But the man immediately releases himself.
He does the same with the creature.
With his all powers he sticks the creature with the electric walls.
But the creature doesn’t die.
To save his life he manages to escape upstairs through chains.
But the creature pulls him and falls him down.
And it kills him.
On another side, we see the blonde-haired man
and he gives a message to his team that our companion is missing.
Then the creature also puts a hand on his face.
and it lifts and fell him.
Now Sarge and his team come there and they all start shooting randomly.
Due to it, the creature dies but here their companions also die.
They lift them and take them to the lab.
They all were sad.
They know then the creature isn’t dead.
It is healing its wound and it will return for sure.
Then we see the doctor his conditing was getting worse.
It was awkward to look at him.
Sarge shoots in his mouth.
Now Sarge orders his team to know
that the scientists who were here are dead to not?
And if you didn’t find anyone tells me about it.
They all move and tell him that all scientists are dead.
Except for one and he is missing yet.
On another side, Sarge asks Samantha what were you doing here?
As I also asked you before about the nature of those experiments.
Samantha tells him many years ago we did an experiment on a criminal.
He was given a death sentence.
We have injected something into his body and after it, his body starts swelling.
When Sarge comes to know a scientist is still missing
he takes John with him immediately.
Samantha’s conversation didn’t complete.
They also come to know that the creature has broken the entrance gate
and now it has come inside.
The place where they have made a safe zone
that place was also not safe.
When John meets Samantha
she tells him this creature chooses itself to whom it will infect.
Now the creature has been teleported towards planet earth.
Sarge orders everyone that if you feel someone is infected
shoot the person immediately.
Now we have to go to planet earth immediately.
Sarge and his companions teleport at planet earth and return.
They come to the place where the creature has come.
It infected the people there.
Without thinking, Sarge starts shooting
at the hearts and brains of the people there.
Samantha’s brother says to him don’t shoot without seeing.
There are some people who are not infected.
But Sarge says no,
If I will take pity for one and he is infected
It will become dangerous for us.
Then a man who was the team member of Sarge
comes and tells him I have found 20 people in a room.
What to do with them? it is not good to shoot them.
Sarge comes in anger.
And he shoots at his head.
While saying when I ask you to kill whom you saw,
you also listen to me, the one who will not obey me I will kill him like this.
Meanwhile, the creature again comes there.
It puts a hand on the face of their teammate and starts skylarking him.
It hits him here and there due to it, his bones were broken.
He dies there.
Don’t know what is the method of this creature?
It lifts up everyone from the face.
Now Sarge orders them to chase the creature
any infected human you will see shoot him without thinking.
They all do this.
On their way, they shoot the infected people.
Some underground thing pulls their one more companion.
And he dies.
Sarge also gets shocked
and he was standing a place meanwhile someone pulls his leg
but while firming his body Sarge tries to keep himself stable.
Meanwhile, John has shot a bullet in his belly.
Because everyone was shooting randomly.
When everyone was running from there Samantha stops there.
Because she loves her brother.
She doesn’t want to leave him dying like this.
She immediately goes to him and injects him an injection.
She says to him my brother don’t worry now you will not be infected.
Her brother says no I know nothing can stop me to be infected.
He says to his sister while giving her a gun take it
and if you will be scared that I will be infected and will turn into a creature
so you can shoot me without thinking anything.
Because I don’t want you to let this world come in danger for the sake of your brother.
Here John gets faint. In the next scene, when he wakes up
he sees his face in the mirror he sees his wounds were healed.
Here, more power comes in John.
He says my sister sacrificed for me.
I will also kill those creatures one by one.
He takes a huge gun
and shoots everyone who he finds is an infected human on his way.
Moving further, he meets an infected human.
He was their team member and now he turned very strange.
He cuts his body with the nearby machine and then finishes him while firing him.
When John moves further he sees his sister is laying on the ground.
He goes near her and tries to wake her up.
Meanwhile, Sarge comes there and he notices a huge wound on his neck.
John says while loving his sister leave from there I have to finish an important task.
Sarge sees him weirdly and asks okay so now you will also finish me?
John says exactly, it was your order.
Sarge says no never and he shoots at him with a laser.
John runs from there.
Sarge says to John I will finish you in around.
But he couldn’t do this.
Now they both hide so they can save their life and can kill each other secretly.
They search for each other for a long time.
Meanwhile, John feels like Sarge is running there.
He was ready with his gun then Suddenly, Sarge comes in front of John.
He says to him if you are courageous so fight with me without weapons.
He throws his gun down and seeing this, John also throws his weapons down.
Now they start fighting.
They kick and punch each other.
Sarge lifts up John and throws him in a trash can while whirling him.
John stands up immediately again gits him with kicks and punches.
But Sarge again throws him at a far distance.
He falls at a distance while breaking the grill.
Sarge immediately goes upstairs and holds him.
He was about to kill him
then John stuck his head in the grill and holds his hand and starts pressing his head
due to it, he breathes with difficulty, and the grills were pricking him.
Collecting his powers, Sarge releases himself.
John again falls at distance.
Sarge was s powerful that he breaks a rod from there and wraps it in his hand.
His hand becomes of steel.
And he punches the face of John.
He hits him, lifts, and throws him at a distance.
John comes and holds him from the back but Sarge punches him from behind.
This time John makes him whirl while lifting his leg
and throws him at a distance.
He tries to take off that rod from his hand.
But Sarge presses him from behind
during this, that rod stabs in John’s hand.
Sarge presses him with power so the rod also stabs in his mouth.
But John resists him.
Do you know why Sarge is becoming so strong?
Because now his pupils were also changed.
His teeth were also become like that creature.
His voice also and now he was becoming the creature.
It was necessary for John to kill him.
While bending the rod John hits his head and moves him away.
There was a machine nearby and using it he generates a capsule.
Then he pushes Sarge into it.
He teleports somewhere else while going from the capsule.
Here John was successful.
With it, John also does an interesting task.
He picks up a bomb and throws it in the portal means capsule.
Due to it, the bomb blasts at the place where Sarge has fallen.
Here Sarge was the end.
In the last scene, we see John
he comes out of the building while lifting his fainted sister in his lap.


In Short Details :

Release date: 21 October 2005 (USA)

Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak
Music by: Clint Mansell
Adapted from: DOOM
Story by: David Callaham
Budget:$60–70 million
Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak
Writers: Dave Callaham(screenplay)Wesley Strick(screenplay)
Stars: Karl Urban, Rosamund Pike, Dwayne Johnson

Doom 2005 science fiction Movie Details

Directed by

Andrzej Bartkowiak

Produced by

Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Laura Holstein
John D. Schofield
Jeremy Steckler

Based on

Doom 3
by id Software

Music by


Edited by

Derek Brechin

Distributed by

Release date

October 17, 2005 (Los Angeles)
October 21, 2005 (United States)
October 27, 2005 (Germany)
November 3, 2005 (Czech Republic)
December 2, 2005 (United Kingdom)

Running time

105 minutes




$60 million

Box Office

$56 million


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