‘Distill Gutters For 3 Months’

A local thief who was caught stealing in a neighborhood he lives in has been handed a new sort of punishment that has sparked a stir online.

Instead of being subjected to severe beatings, he was handed down a civilian job.

According to a viral video that has surfaced, the thief was made to distill gutters in the neighborhood.

According to the narration in the video, he is on a journey to distill gutters in the hood for three months.

He will be housed in the night, only to get up every morning to continue the civil works.

Check out some reactions from netizens:

thief distill gutter


“3months de3 some dey in ooo. Anka make dem beat me 😂”


“Lol this no be new law mhom edey but wanna Justice system no dey use em dem go rather sentence you 20yrs for stealing lol “


“It’s a nice idea after all the country will be clean😂”

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