denies insults to Paris after elimination in the Champions League

Paris It has become a powder keg in recent days. The removal of psg at the hands of Bayern Munich once again exposed all the problems suffered by the French entity. The mega project devised by Qatar failed again in Champions League and he was knocked out of the competition with little chance to upset the Germans.

One of the last to see himself marked by the collapse of the Parisian team was Sergio Ramos. As published Movistar+the central Paris Saint-Germain would have insulted the French capital after the painful defeat that left them out in the round of 16 in a new collapse of the team led by Christophe Galtier.

“The whore who gave birth to Paris. His fucking mother”, were the words that had been put into the mouth of one of the leaders of the French team. However, the defender has had to go out and deny them and he has done so through his social networks. Ramos explained in them that he did not insult anyone at any time, although it was a “cursive expression” but without referring to the fans or the city.

“I don’t usually go into these things, but I don’t want something that hasn’t happened to be taken for granted. At no time do I say Paris, I make a sound of disappointment “pssss” or “pfff” … in the context of an expression (slanderous, yes) that we usually say in football. Let’s not invent or look where there isn’t one,” he declared through a series of published tweets.

A few words that come to calm the waters in Paris, where the entire team has been marked out for being out of a new competition in March. In fact, they can only fight to win Ligue 1 anymore, since they were eliminated in the French Cup a couple of weeks ago and Bayern thrashed them at the first exchange in the Champions League.

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Mbappé, disgusted

Another of the footballers who was questioned again was kylian mbappe. The one who is one of the great stars of PSG was again left out of the fight for the ‘Orejona’ at the first change. A setback similar to the one experienced against Real Madrid last season.

The Frenchman, one of the city’s idols, was very blunt when describing the disaster created by him and his family when he spoke to the media. “We are disappointed. That’s right, we have to move on, we have to move on to something else. They have a team built to win the Champions League. This is our maximum, that’s all. We will question ourselves and return to our day to day in the championship” he explained.

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In addition, he also left a sentence where he leaves his future very open, which almost always seems to be very close to the real Madrid. “I’m calm, the only thing that matters to me this season is winning the league and then we’ll see,” she stressed. Be that as it may, Mbappé will not be able to win the Champions League this season and has been humiliated again in Europe.

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