Definitive green light to the urban master plan of the Three Chimneys of Sant Adrià del Besòs

The Territory Commission of Catalonia has given the final green light to the Urban Master Plan (PDU) for the Three Chimneys of Sant Adrià de Besòs (Barcelonès Nord), where the future digital, audiovisual and video game hub -node- will be located. Catalonia.

In a statement, the Department of Territory explains that this PDU “delimits and orders a sector of new planning of some 32 hectares located on the metropolitan coastline of Barcelona.” Specifically, it is “the strip that is between the railway and the sea, and from the mouth of the Besòs river in Sant Adrià to the end of the space of the Three Chimneys, on the border with the Mora neighborhood of Badalona” .

A new neighborhood of 1,783 floors

These 32 hectares will house 185,302 square meters for housing: some 1,783 new flats will be built here, of which 40% will be officially protected, with a surface area of ​​about 70 useful square meters. In addition, “the height of the new residential buildings that are built will not exceed in any case that of the old turbine building.”

In addition to this housing area, there are 99,818 square meters of roof for economic activity, located mostly behind the Three Chimneys and especially oriented to the digital, audiovisual and video game industry, indicates the Department. In parallel, this PDU “establishes urban guidelines for the transformation of some 98 hectares of industrial land close to the area, halfway between Sant Adrià de Besòs and Badalona”.

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The future digital, audiovisual and video game ‘hub’ of Catalonia will be a reality in 2030, as announced at the end of September in a joint act by the administrations, universities and the industrial sector.

One of the fundamental pieces of this hub will be the Catalunya Media City (CMC), which will be located in the turbine building, right next to the three gigantic chimneys that have dominated the Barcelona coastline for decades, and which will house spaces for research, production and post-production, with a necessary investment estimated at 450 million euros.

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