Daniela Requena changes the color of her eyes with a dangerous operation and criticism rains down on her

the journalist Daniela Requenatrans activist and former contestant on ‘nightmare in paradise‘, is giving a lot to talk about these days. The reason? The also ‘influencer’ has undergone a risky operation with which has changed his eye color from brown to blue-green. A change that he has shared on his social networks, where he accumulates hundreds of thousands of followers.

“I have finally decided to perform a surgery that will definitely change the color of my eyes,” he explained in a TikTok video, in which he also tells that they did not do this operation in Spain. A surgery called keratopigmentation which “basically is to pigment the colored zone of the eyes with the color that you want”.

The journalist Daniela Requena.


In the video, in addition, Requena advertised the clinic where the intervention was performed and ensured that this procedure “does not affect vision“. A statement that has been contradicted by several experts who have also answered him through social networks.

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One of those people who has criticized Requena with medical arguments is eva ruiz, Optics and Optometry student who has used TikTok to respond to the ‘influencer’. The young woman assures that she “does not believe that these things are promoted”, and she has not hesitated to alert of problems that this type of intervention entails.

”The color of the eyes is determined by the pigment, the melanin that we have in the iris. The more pigment, the darker. In this surgery, a laser depigments the iris and they remain blue, which is the only color we aspire to,” he began by saying. ”The problem is that this pigment does not disappear, but accumulates in the aqueous humor, inside the eye.”, Add.

“The aqueous humor does not have a drainage function and you end up with the blocked chamber. This leads to increased intraocular pressure that leads to diseases such as glaucoma, damage to the optic nerve, retinal detachment, etc. long term blindness”, says the young woman.

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