Cruzeiro: a lot of management, little football – 03/11/2023

Cruzeiro chose not to use the Mineirão for the first game of the state semi-final against América.

The board would be in bullshit with the administration of the traditional stadium. Ronaldo’s newly created SAF analyzes that the prices charged for renting the Mineirão are abusive and therefore not worth the expense.

Spreadsheets are serious business. Inputs, outputs, income, financial health. Until then, everything is fine.

But spreadsheets don’t deal with affects. And football is, above all, a circuit of affections.

The huge crowd from Cruzeiro could fill the 60,000 seats at the Mineirão in that first game (if ticket prices were affordable, of course).

A crowded and vibrant Mineirão would be important to put pressure emotionally on the Coelho of Vagner Mancini, Aluisio and Benitez.

But here’s another thing decided by spreadsheets and nothing else: ticket prices.

Profit above all, profitability above all. Don’t give me affection, emotion, passion; here everything is management and reason.

On the field, in the small and friendly Arena do Jacaré, with a capacity of 18,000 seats, Cruzeiro has changed little in relation to the team that won the B series by a margin.

It was enough for the access series, it hasn’t been this year.

America de Mancini is an organized and strategic team that plays comfortably on the counterattack.

Coelho was winning by 2-0 when a bizarre situation offered by VAR happened.

The referees on the field and VAR saw a penalty for Cruzeiro that is one of those that would take a group of referees to explain: the pull on Gilberto was clearly outside the area but the referee, after calling only a foul, decided to listen to the video referees and change the marking to penalty.

The game stopped for more than five minutes for the check: was it in? Was it outside?

Penalty scored, ball on the mark, Gilberto concentrated to hit but VAR kept talking in the judge’s ear who, therefore, did not authorize the penalty.

And that’s it: in a new analysis, penalty annulled: Gilberto would be offside at the origin of the bid.

In the small and cramped tribune of the stadium, Ronaldo, in contrast to the expression of the male and female fans, was smiling.

Nervous? Revolt? Concern?

Cruzeirense and Cruzeirense, out of patience, then decided to curse the owner of the team.

I even said during the week, in a risky impulse of futurology, that the Mineiro final would be between Galo and América.

Cruzeiro can shut me up, of course they can, but for that they will have to inject themselves with soul because it seems to me that there is a lack of strategies on the field.

It’s going to have to be in the race, but America is now in charge, which even has the advantage of playing for two equal results.

Cruzeiro fans protested in the stands and shouted “pipoqueiro team”.

It’s not a popcorn team: on the field there was a rush and fight.

But it is a team in search of vibration and ideas. Will you succeed?

For that, he will need to score three goals in the return game, next weekend.

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