Criciúma beats Atlético Catarinense and rises to 3rd place in the State

This Tuesday, Criciúma beat Atlético Catarinense, 2-0, at Heriberto Hulse, in a duel valid for the 10th round of the Catarinense Championship. Cristovam and Fellipe Matheus scored the goals.

Photo: Celso da Luz/Criciúma EC / Gazeta Esportiva

With this result, the home team has 17 points and is in third place. The opponent remains in the flashlight, with only one, and is already relegated in the State.

Tigre returns to the field on Saturday, when it visits Avaí, in Ressacada, at 4:30 pm (Brasília time), for the 11th round of the State Championship. On the other side, Atlético Catarinense faces Marcílo Dias, on the same day and time.

At 14 minutes, Criciúma had their first big chance, when Rayan headed in and saw Sidão fall to make the save. The Catarinense goalkeeper worked but once in finishing Felipe Matheus. Atlético’s response came at 24. Andriw appeared well after a counterattack and Gustavo avoided the goal.

Before the end of the first half, Tigre almost took the lead after a wrong start by Sidão, but the goalkeeper recovered and prevented Felipe Matheus from opening the scoring.

Criciúma scored 1-0 in the 21st minute of the second stage. Hélder advanced on the left, dribbled the marker and crossed to Cristovam, who was in front of the goal and took the opportunity to score. In addition, Arilson had good control, crossed the area to Fellipe Matheus, closing the scoring.

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