Creepshow-2006 Film Explained | Creep Show 3 Full Summarized

Creepshow-2006 Film Explained | Creep Show 3 Full Summarized  | Creepshow (2006) mystery film defined. The American mystery comedic Horror film “Creepshow 3” tale is summarized with a complete finishing explanation. The plot is ready for the gathering of light-hearted terrible memories with a sprint of comedy thrown in for desirable measure. The following are the episodes that had been mentioned in this film: “Alice”, “The Radio”, “Call Girl”, “The Professor’s Wife” and “Haunted Dog”.

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Creep Show 3 details

A boy comes on the scene as the film starts.
Who is going, pushing a cart?
A man is sitting under a tree before him who was selling the radios.
He was looking very poor.
A dog also passes at that place. That child hides it in his cart.
And he leaves that place.
The next day, it is seen that dog’s posters are stuck with the statement “Missing”.
It means that someone is searching for him.
Even that child was cooking the hot dogs after slaughtering that dog.
It means that kid had ended it.
Here the animated story is over here and the real one starts.
A hot dog cart is also seen at the start of it. A girl is passing near it named “Alice”.
“Alice” is moving to her house where her father shows her a remote,
He tells, Looks! I have purchased it today. This remote is universal,
It may be operated on every TV. Not only TV but all things of the World!
I show you while operating it if you are not believing.
Alice’s whole family is changed as her father presses its button.
No one had left in his family like the previous members.
“Alice” is astonished thinking what has happened here.
But those members were showing as such as they know “Alice”.
And she is their family member. Alice’s father also presses another button now,
That is ” Subtitles” and they all begin to speak another language.
“Alice” stops her father but he does not.
At this time, he presses such a button that activates the signals.
Here “Alice” places her hands on her ears.
It was seeming as her hands are being wounded.
Feeling much pain, she moves outside where she witnesses one more man.
Who was a professor and used to live in their neighborhood?
“Alice” calls him but he does not give his ear to her.
Neither he was seeing “Alice” nor he was watching.
There appear many rashes on Alice’s body and it is completely beginning to redden.
She moves to that old man where the same poster of that hot dog is shown.
“Alice” calls someone. It was a police station where she was calling.
But police also do not hear the voice of “Alice”.
Then a delivery boy comes to the house and he could see “Alice”.
But he immediately moves from there, witnessing Alice’s condition.
Meantime, a door opens there and “Alice” enters it.
She observes that she has become well completely.
It means that all rashes on her body have disappeared.
Her family has also come back and they are also alright.
Seeing, “Alice” is satisfied. At the same time, Alice’s father also presses another button.
Which was “Powered off “. After this, “Alice’s condition is distorted.
Rashes appear on her whole body. and she feels so terrifying.
And she says to her father, What have you done with me?
She instantly goes out and the professor is able to see her at this time.
She requests the professor, Heals me! It is my request to you.
Then the professor says, You are all right, It appears on your body which was your inner self.
Meantime, Alice’s family comes from behind. And Alice’s father has a gun in his hand.
He was perhaps going to kill “Alice”.
But the professor has the same device in his hand.
He converts the “Alice” into a white rabbit while pressing the button.
And he tells her family, It is my pet rabbit. And its name is “Alice”.
Here Alice’s family is completely forgotten that they had no daughter.
And why had they come out? They say too that professor, Oh! That is a good name.
Now it is seen that “Alice” who is a pet rabbit it will always be in the custody of this professor.
And this story takes a pause here.
Because the second story starts in the movie.
A security guard is seen here who moves to that hot dog cart.
Then he moves to his apartment where he used to live on rent.
It means he was not financially strong.
A girl comes after him and they both used to like each other.
But it was useless because this girl was aristocratic and had intimacy with the apartment of the owner,
Now this man security guard turns on the radio, coming to his house.
But it does not activate. Here it is also heard the same advertisement for hot dogs.
Now he moves to an old seller who has mysterious objects.
And he had also a universal remote among those things.
Now this man brings the radio from there.
That radio also becomes inoperative within the minutes as he turns on it, bringing it at home.
Now he leaves that place as being disappointed.
Then he hears the voice of a girl. Then he notices that,
This voice is coming from the radio. It is not only the voice.
This girl is properly conversing with him.
As it is not the radio but there is an alive girl who wants to converse with him.
Now, this boy also begins to talk to her. And they are befriended within a moment.
That radio girl used to suggest him while explaining to him how to tackle the situations.
How to accomplish this task! This man tells that I have a dire need of money.
What should I do? So this radio girl guides him.
She says I tell you the address of a location.
You will have to act according to my instruction, going there.
Now that man stealthily moves at that location.
It was a room. And he returns to his apartment, stealing a lot of money from there.
A couple notices him and the money in his hands when he is crossing the stairs.
That radio girl says to him,
You will have to murder that man who has witnessed money in your possession.
But that man does not follow it and he begins to count the money, entering his room.
Now that witnessed man had come in that man guard’s house for robbery.
But that security guard man takes the immediate step.
That man could also kill the security guard man.
That security guard man pushes that intruder before it.
And he meets his end, falling from the stairs.
Here that man’s female friend witnesses it. The radio girl again says,
Murder this girl! So that security guard abducts that girl,
And he sticks a tap on her mouth.
Now security guard did the same as what had been asked by the radio girl.
So this issue is also resolved by the radio girl.
Everyone is thinking that man had committed suicide.
Some people have also the view that a man killed his friend.
Afterward, he himself committed suicide.
When detectives approach there to investigate this case,
So they put this security guard under suspicion.
So he decides that I will shift from here.
So he begins to pack his luggage. Meanwhile, his friend comes to him.
She was wealthy. She tells him that our apartment owner thinks that,
I have stolen his money which had been stolen from his room.
The security guard knew that he is the one to steal money,
And this girl is innocent. So he says to that girl that,
Alright! I will take you along with me.
That radio girl says to the security guard here that it is not good to accompany this girl.
If she knew that it was you who stole the money then she will kill you immediately.
But this man overlooks her saying here.
And he leavers along with that girl. As they cross a little distance,
Then the radio girl instructs him to kill this girl.
Being aggressive, the security guard damages the radio.
Because he did not want to kill his friend.
But that girl had already known that the robber was the same person.
And she willingly accompanied him at this point.
So she may flee, grabbing the money from him.
And she carries it out. So she kills that man, firing a gun.
As she begins to run away, taking the money. Then the owner of the apartment reaches there.
And he begins to return back, taking money and killing that girl.
It is seen that he has also exactly that radio which is instructing him.
It means that he had awareness about everything through this radio.
Here the second story also completes.
Now a girl is seen at the start of the third story.
Who has been seen in the previous story?
She is the same girl. As she comes out of the building,
Then a very unprotected and poor woman appears before her.
But that evil girl murders him, stabbing a knife.
Now, this girl is also moving to meet her friend.
She observers that there are another girl’s photos at her home as she reaches there.
It means that her friend was also strange and wicked like her.
He had occupied another person’s house.
But is known, this girl is here to kill his friend.
While his friend had also called her here so he may kill her as she approaches here.
But the situation turns in the favour of this girl.
First of all, she ties that boy with the bed.
Then she stabs a knife at him, coming there. As a result, that boy’s wound bleeds much.
And he is dead here. Then that girl takes bath and also cleans the blood.
Then she begins to hear the voice of his friend in the lavatory.
Why did you murder me?
That girl is afraid and moves to that room,
Where she had put the pillow on her friend’s face after killing him.
His face is looking terrifying as she removes the pillow.
He has a toothy mouth. He immediately gets up,
And he bites on the nape of that girl. And he sucks her blood.
He also binds that girl like that murdered family.
And he hangs her then he leaves in the car as the dawn breaks.
So story number third also completes here.
Now it is the turn of story number four.
Where Alice’s grandmother is seen who meets with the same professor.
That professor tells her that my marriage time is near.
And you will have to come. He also gives her the invitation card.
Here it is known that the professor has been working on any project for the last 20 years.
Now the night falls. And many students of professor reach professor’s home.
Two of the students are talking with the professor.
They ask, Who is your wife? the professor does not reveal anything to them.
He is appearing very excited. He says to them that,
The project work is complete now on which I had been working for 20 years.
At the same time, an acute and young girl approaches them.
They are shocked thinking how this old professor destined this young girl.
Now they begin to talk with this girl. That girl is acting so mysteriously.
She is neither taking food nor drinking water.
Then they think as she is the same project on which he has been working for many years.
It is possible that it may humanoid robot.
Because the professor had gone outside for some task.
They both think as a professor has wrong with us.
He has taught us very strictly. He had the habit to prank us.
Why may he not be pranked by us? They both say,
We will switch off this robot and convey to the professor that your wife is no more.
They get no button after checking its body. So they part her body into two pieces.
That they may find a button somewhere. And they are also laughing at it.
That professor has really worked hard within 20 years.
Robot’s body is appearing like real human beings.
And the blood is also coming out like human beings.
But how did they know that girl was not a robot but a human being.
Now they have murdered now. Both are very frightened when they know about the reality.
They begin to hide her body parts as the professor may not reach her.
Afterward, they both escape from here.
When the professor reaches there, he knows that his bride has been killed by someone.
He is unable to act except shocking. The fourth story also completes here.
Such a doctor comes on the scene at the start of the fifth story.
Who was cruel and insolent. He got many notifications to stop your atrocity.
But he did not abide by it.
So the court announces that you cannot charge the fee from anyone till 30 days.
Nor you can earn. It is your penalty.
Then you will have to serve for 30 days. So he is leaving in anger.
And he buys the hot dog from the same cart.
It is fallen down before he starts eating it.
Witnessing a poor man, he hands him over his hot dog.
That man feels pleasure. As he takes the first bite,
Something is stuck in his throat and he is dead at the spot.
The doctor is observing it but he does not care.
He has no little tender feelings in his heart.
Then he returns to the clinic where he begins to make fun of the patient, glimpsing them.
When a doctor is coming out of his clinic,
The same dead person is shown to him. He might have imagined him.
Moving ahead, that old man is also shown from whom those objects as radio, book, and such things.
The same professor comes to him who had been mentally tortured in the previous story.
His wife had been killed.
Professor has arrived to take a religion book from this old man.
Through which he may resurrect his wife. Now doctor meets the same man.
Whose tooth had been turned like vampires’ teeth after death in the previous story?
He had sucked the blood of his friend and had run away.
There is a conversation between them about a party. Then doctor moves to that party,
He observes it soon that it is the party of vampires.
He immediately runs from there. And he is taking his dinner at night, coming the home.
The same dead person appears before him who had died after eating a hot dog.
He stabs a knife on that man. But that man was a demon,
So he does not get any harm. Doctor flees.
So that man also comes after him and says, Thanks for the hot dog!
No one knows, why? The doctor focuses on his words and he faces a heart attack with it.
Being panicked, he dies at the spot.
Now it is the turn of the postscript of the movie.
The professor is seen who has resurrected his wife successfully.
He leaves with his wife in his car on his wedding day.
They have their pet rabbit named “Alice” who is actually the daughter of another family.
Alice’s mother is there. She also thinks the same,
Because how can a mother forget her daughter?
He used to say to her family again and again that I have a daughter named “Alice”.
Her family used to say to her, You have a mental disorder!
Meanwhile, the cartman of hot dogs is shown.
In the beginning, he appears as an ordinary man but he is another creature in reality.
Who was very horrible. Due to him, all these frightening incidents were occurring.
Because who ate a hot dog, buying from him,
He faced tragic consequences.
The movie completes this scene.

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