convicted of drug trafficking

Soccer often brings episodes of enormous happiness and recognition, but like anything in life, it is also marked by cruelty and sadness, with dark episodes occurring. The latter is what has happened to Marco Cateriniexporter of the Italian team.

Caterini was fortunate to coincide with one of the greatest legends of transalpine sports such as Gianluigi Buffon in the lower categories of the selection. In fact, he also shared a team with Francesco Totti. However, despite being considered better in youth than the current goal of the Parma and leaving him on the bench, he did not manage to establish himself in the soccer elite.

Now, his life has radically changed and he has been sentenced to serve a year and a half in prison for drug trafficking. A truncated promise of football that he has been in prison since last June and for whom a long period awaits him to leave prison, according to what the media has advanced Il Messaggero.

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Despite being a star in the youth category, Caterini was not able to make the leap to professionalism due to injuries. He gave up football after having played in the lower ranks of the Rome and, from there, his life began to go wrong due to his relationship with prohibited substances.

Specifically, the exporter ended up related to drug trafficking. After dedicating himself to other professions such as an expert or debt adjuster, Marco Caterini found himself caught up in a negative spiral. After losing his last job, the former goalkeeper of the Italian team began his flirtation with cocaine.

Buffon in a match with Juventus

Juventus CF

Statement before the audience

As a reason for the trial of his arrest, Caterini spoke before the italian justice in relation to the events reported on June 2, 2022. That day, Buffon’s rival was caught by police officers while he was selling small doses to pay for his own.

“My life moved to the drug-dealing neighborhoods of Rome, as Saint Basil, Tor Bella Monaca, quarticciolo, and as a regular consumer I ended up selling it. I trafficked in the minimum doses necessary to be able to pay for mine,” he explained.

“At that moment I was in a state of agitation and, scared to see the agent who had arrested me a month before again, I instinctively had the reaction to flee. As I fled, I stumbled several times until I found myself on the ground. At that At that moment they grabbed me but I struggled, jerkily, to be able to let go and ran away. Then I realized that they were no longer chasing me and that I had lost my wallet with my documents, so that was probably enough to identify me,” he concluded.

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