Concern for Vinicius

Despite the fact that the club considers him a “victim”, the concern is growing because he is always in the eye of the hurricane. Work is being done on abstracting it from everything, so far without success


Concern for Vinicius
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Vinicius has been living on the embers for some time. He slowly burned between mess and mess. A scenario that, in addition to twisting his nose, is affecting his performance From him. And that is what has definitely set off the alarms in Chamartín: club sources consulted by this newspaper already acknowledge that there is “concern” about the matter. A word that is no longer taboo. Because to date the public statements had been greyish. “You have to protect it,” he pointed out, accompanied by a “must focus only on football.” Small doses of restlessness that, in recent weeks, have skyrocketed.

Because Vini is so jaded, he already jumps with little (he is the one who has seen the most cards of the entire team, with 10). An event staged in the Clásico: he launched with De Jong and, after seeing the yellow card, his reaction got out of hand. Totally excessive, pointing her finger at Munuera Montero‘s face and yelling at her centimeters away (“ Always the same! You! Always the same! ”). He could see the red one ( in fact, for Iturralde González, referee analyst for AS, he should have seen it ). The feeling at Real Madrid begins to resemble a constant déjà vu: again a controversy and again, Vinicius in the middle. Whether it’s his fault or not, trouble always hits him. That is why the decision involves intensifying one’s own task: correcting what, at least, is in one’s own hands.

Ancelotti talks to Vinicius after winning the Club World Cup.
Ancelotti talks to Vinicius after winning the Club World Cup.Alex grimmGetty Images

Which is to avoid, for example, reactions like those of the Classic. gestures to the stands The club is going to focus on that, on ensuring that the footballer develops an armor thick enough so that, even in the face of the worst of provocations, he is able to remain impassive, concentrating on the game. Let him a doctorate in cold blood. He understands that it is not easy, especially for a 22-year-old boy; but it is what, for the optional part, can be done. Reduce to zero any threat of adding fuel to the fire. “In the end, people take a fancy to you,” said Pepe Reina, the protagonist of one of the latest incidents that have involved the Brazilian.

Last matches of Vinicius in Spain

CupReal Madrid 0 – Barcelona 1Excessive protests to MunueraYeah
LeagueOsasuna 0 – Real Madrid 2Insults to Munuera and friction with Moi GómezYeah
LeagueMajorca 1 – Real Madrid 0Racism and friction with RaílloYeah
LeagueReal Madrid 2 – Valencia 0Hard kick from PaulistaNo
CupReal Madrid 3 – Athletic 1Doll hanging from a bridgeYeah
LeagueAthletic 0 – Real Madrid 2Gesture to the stands (cleaning the shield)Yeah
CupVillarreal 2 – Real Madrid 3Lance with QueenYeah

tsunami 2023

Because before the World Cup the stoves were already hot, but after… they have become red hot. As soon as he returned from the Super Cup, Vinicius lived an episode with Reina in the middle of the game. The goalkeeper, then a substitute, said something to him from the bench and entered the rag. Ancelotti, at the same time, begged him to stop: “He plays, plays. ” But he didn’t care; he did not hold back. Exactly the same words that he repeated to her days later, during the league visit to San Mamés. Vinicius, hot after receiving six fouls and being the focus of the chants, made a gesture of wiping his shield. In two games, he saw yellow. Carletto did not like either of the two reactions.

Nor when shortly after, in the Cup derby, what happened happened. A game marked by that deplorable doll that, according to the Police investigation, hung from a bridge -minimum- six members of the Athletic Front. The Bernabéu, already in the game, turned to its footballer, who did not live another night. It was already impossible. “Love will always defeat hate,” he wrote on his social media. Perhaps trying to calm some waters that were impossible to control. Because in the next game… that wild kick from Gabriel Paulista. Again the mess; again with him.

Vinicius, during the Cup Classic.
Vinicius, during the Cup Classic.pressinphotoGetty

Since then the matter has escalated. What followed was probably the most serious: racist insults from Son Moix ( the person responsible, a 20-year-old season ticket holder, has already been caught ), a match in which he received ten fouls (a record ). He seemed to hit rock bottom, but not much less. In Pamplona, he had not even started the game and he already received insults: during the minute of silence. Shortly after, it was he who exploded: launch with Moi Gómez and, most importantly, when he seemed to address Munuera Montero in unacceptable terms. In these two games, he was also booked. And from there to the most recent, the “red forgiven” in the Classical for protesting as he did.Every controversy that there is splashes Vinicius. It has become routine. And in Madrid, it already worries.

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