Clean mind and options for the midfield

The return of Nico Gonzalez at this stage of the season is a blessing for Valencia CF. Despite the fact that before the injury he was somewhat irregular, his quality is beyond doubt and he arrives with a cleaner mind than his teammates, since he has not had to live through the most complicated moment and frustrating season. If this team needs something, it’s fresh air and the Galician can give it to them, out of desire and also for football possibilities.

Nico can play both for Hugo Guillamón and at his side, as an inside player or changing the scheme towards the double pivotIn fact, I think that bringing the two together can give the midfield a lot of balance. The minutes that coincided came out enhanced and could even be the key to bring André Almeida closer to the area and try to find more punch from a second line that has been living far from the danger zone for some time. Emotionally and tactically the return of Nico can make a difference.

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