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Facebook and Instagram are having a field day speculating on whether model Christopher G is alive. In a viral TikTok video, a Paris native claimed that the youngster was transformed into a realistic Balenciaga model. The user of the platform could not believe that the mannequin looked incredibly similar to the model that disappeared in 2020.

After the video gained more attention online, netizens began to wonder if the controversial fashion house managed to make such a realistic figure of the missing model. Meanwhile, the model in question also took to his Instagram story to reassure followers that he is alive and well.

Facebook user Tay Tay was one of many netizens who spread the word about the Balenciaga mannequin. He claimed that Balenciaga turned Christopher G into a figurehead. Platform user Unanswered Univrs also circulated the news, captioning it:

“Is someone missing in Paris, son?”

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Unanswered Univrs also attached a TikTok video showing the lifelike mannequin resembling Christopher G. The TikToker said in the video:

“This mannequin looks like someone dead…look at his hands…his hands are just as real as mine. He’s never seen anyone looking so real, good grief…if you know someone who misses a black son looking like this in Paris, he’s in the storefront.”

Some netizens found the situation incredibly similar to the horror movie House of Wax. Jaume Collet-Serra’s hit follows a group of teenagers who must save themselves from becoming the next exhibit at the quirky wax museum.

Netizens respond to Christopher G Balenciaga’s viral video

Netizens were stunned by the viral TikTok video. Many were quick to assume that something terrible had happened to the model and flooded the model’s Instagram account with worrying comments.

However, Christopher G is alive and well. Balenciaga did nothing to the fashion model, and he is no longer missing. Netizens claimed that he went live on Instagram to reassure followers that he was not held captive. He also shared on his Instagram stories that he would soon be using TikTok “for a full story.”

Balenciaga went viral in 2019 after his collections began featuring hyper-realistic mannequins. It was later revealed that they managed to replicate real-life models with the help of 3D scanning. It seems that the organization also did the same with Christopher G.

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