Chimy Ávila: “Spain or Argentina? Let anyone call me, but quickly”

The striker, who can play for both Spain and Argentina, spoke about a possible call-up at El Larguero after beating Athletic in the first leg of the Copa del Rey.

Chimy Ávila started and enjoyed getting half the job in the Copa del Rey semifinals between Osasuna and Athletic. In a Sadar with an incomparable atmosphere, the Rojillos prevailed thanks to a goal from Abde in the second half and will arrive with an advantage at the San Mamés match, in a month’s time.

After getting the victory, the striker went through El Larguero. There, Manu Carreño exposed him to the possibility of playing with Spain or Argentina and the man born in Rosario opted directly for both. These were his statements in El Larguero on Cadena SER.

Selection: “I am a person who is patient, I work for what I have to do… Welcome to both one selection and another. I am calm. Which selection do I prefer to be called? Either one, but make it quick as my heart bursts. I don’t put a confrontation between mother and daughter, I let them argue among themselves.

Recovery from his injuries: “A lot of effort, a lot of work to recover two knees, but with the love of the fans and the help of the family we got him through”

Match: “These matches are beautiful. I told his teammates that we don’t underestimate anyone. We do our job and at the end of the game will win the best. If we do not suffer, we are not Osasuna. Abde is very good, the center backs, and the team in general. There is no anger on campus. The one who comes on from the bench does it in the best way”.

Return in San Mamés: “We do not underestimate the rival. We are going to go with the work that the coach gives us. Until it ends… You don’t have to relax. We have to go like we’re going zero to zero.”

From Rosario like Messi: “Nobody can hit anything from Messi. With an eyelash or a sneeze, I hope it reaches me.”

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