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Charli Baltimore & Biggie Smalls: What Happened? 2021 Update

Charli Baltimore is an American singer and rapper, widely recognized as the girlfriend of the late rapper Biggie Smalls.

Let’s get to know more about the rapper in detail below, from her professional to personal life.

Charli Baltimore Quick Facts

Birthday: August 8, 1974

Birthplace: Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Age: 48 years old

Zodiac: Capricorn

Height: 5 feet and 5 inches

Parents: N/A

Siblings: one

Relationship Status: Single

Partner: Biggie Smalls

Children: Siaani & India (Daughters)

Charli Baltimore Age, Background

Charli was born on August 8, 1974, as Tiffany Lane in Philadelphia, U.S.A. As of 2021, Baltimore is 48 years old. 

Her zodiac sign is Leo.

Moreover, born in the United States, Charli is American by nationality and comes from a mixed ethnic background.

Regarding her family, she was born to a German father and Afro-American mother. 

Sadly, her father, whom she adored, passed away in 1996 from cancer.

Likewise, her 81-year-old mother was hospitalized in 2020 due to severe strokes.

Charli grew up along with a half-sister named Yolanda. Yolanda played a big role in raising her.

From a very young age, she developed an interest in rap music and wrote her raps as a school kid.

Moving on to her academics, she attended catholic school and later graduated with a paralegal certificate from Pierce College.

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Charli’s Relationship

As of 2021, Charli does not have a boyfriend.

Previously, she has been linked with various artists, but her relationship with Biggie Smalls is what we will talk about for now.

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Charli Baltimore and Biggie Relationship

The now 48-years-old rapper met Biggie during a party in 1995.

Charli Baltimore with Biggie Smalls. (Pinterest)

During that time, Biggie had recently separated from his former wife, Faith Evans.

Eventually, Biggie and Charli became a sensational pair.

‘‘I guess the best way to describe him would be like Barry White: He could charm you out of anything—even your clothes.”

Their relationship went on to last two years before the tragic murder of Biggie Smalls in 1997.

Biggie’s murder caused a traumatic shock to Charli, which drowned her in suicidal thoughts for an extensive period of time.

However, she gathered her strength and pushed through the situation for her kids.

In an interview, Charli said that she had to live for her kids and did not want to give on her kids and herself.

However, both of her kids were from a previous relationship; before Biggie.

As of 2021, Biggie has been gone for 24 years. 

Even though Biggie left this world too soon, he is never forgotten, especially by Charlie.

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Charli Baltimore Married Life, Husband

There has been news regarding Charli’s marriage to Jack Dreece in 2001.

However, no reliable information is available to confirm this news.

Because of this, there’s hardly any proof that help us ascertain anything about her personal life in 2021.

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Charli Baltimore with her daughters, India and Sianni
Charli Baltimore (Left) with her daughters, India (Middle) and Sianni (Right). (Charli/Instagram)

Charli is the mother of two daughters who are grown-ups now.

She got pregnant with India Lane in grade 10. 

On July 14, 1990, she gave birth to her first child, India. 

After the birth of her second child, Siaani Lane, she was drenched with struggles of life.

However, she stood courageously for her kids and paved her career path.

India is a well-known model, whereas Sianni is an acclaimed D.J.

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Charli’s Previous Relationship

According to her, one of her boyfriends from early days physically abused her for four years.

Charli revealed that her former boyfriend did not spare her even during her pregnancy.

“I remember one time he had the door shut, and I was supposed to knock, but I didn’t. I walked in, and he and three guys were playing a dice game. II walked out with a black eye.”

Eventually, Charli managed to get out of that relationship.

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Charli started her career as a struggling singer and model.

Baltimore’s career took a major turn when her late boyfriend, The Notorious B.I.G., pushed her to continue her career as a rapper.

Initially, there were plans to form a band including Charli, B.I.G., and Jay Z, but it never happened.

However, she continued making music and released ‘Money’ and ‘Stand up.’

Later, she was signed to Murder Inc, with Irv Gotti appearing in various songs.

In 2002, she released her single ‘Diary,’ which won her a nomination for Best Female Rap Solo Performance at the Grammys.

In order to pursue a career as a solo artist, Charli left ‘Murder Inc’ in 2004.

Besides, she also makes appearances as an actor, making her debut in ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight.’

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Charli Baltimore Net Worth

As of 2021, Charlie Baltimore has an estimated net worth of around $500k.

Charli Baltimore Age

Charli Baltimore is 48 years old today. She wasborn on August 8, 1974, as Tiffany Lane in Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Charli Baltimore and Biggie

Charli Baltimore and Biggie met each other in 1995. After that, the couple dated for some time until Biggie’s death in 1997 from murder.

Charli Baltimore Daughters

Charli Baltimore has two daughters from past relationships. Her daughters are India and Siaani.

Charli Baltimore Net Worth

Charli Baltimore has a net worth of $500,000 in 2021.

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