Champions League: Sergio Ramos denies his insult to Paris “in the context of a rude expression”

Sergio Ramos He had to resort to his social networks to deny that he had said “the whore who gave birth to Paris. His fucking mother” after the 2-0 defeat of his PSG against Bayern Munich What did it cost your team? Elimination of the Champions League in the round of 16.

The Spanish defender, who was being widely criticized in France for this supposed phrase, explained on Twitter what he really said.

“I don’t usually go into these things, but I don’t want something that hasn’t happened to be taken for granted. I never say Paris, make a disappointed “pssss” or “pfff” sound… in the context of an expression (I mean, that’s right) that we usually say in football. Let’s not invent or look where there isn’t one,” Sergio Ramos shared with his more than 20 million followers on Twitter.

At the conclusion of the match against Bayern, the former Real Madrid tweet about PSG’s state of mind after their elimination: “Deeply disappointed for you and for us. We were not at the level required by #UCL. We did not know how to handle the key details and the main goal escapes us. It’s painful, but champions are reborn from defeat and are forged in adversity. We’ll be back!”

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