Cezar Black changes and calls Marvvila a “traitor” on “BBB 23”

Photo: Disclosure/Globo/Poppoca Moderna

In the dynamics of the “BBB 23” Game of Discord this Monday (6/3), the brothers had to form their podiums and choose the person they considered the weakest link of another Top 3. Sunday (5/3), Key Alves, Domitila Barros and Cézar Black chose Marvvila as the weakest in the game and the singer received a smoke shot.

Cezar decided to attack his sister and spared no aggression when he said: “First of all, you are a traitor! You were not faithful to your friend. What you did was run away from the line… You had the opportunity to take Sarah out of Paredão because she was put to protect you. You said you couldn’t do anything, but you could. If I couldn’t protect you, I could talk to Fred”, criticized the brother.

Then, the brother rescued the vote that Marvvila gave to Amanda in the dynamics of the wall to continue criticizing the singer. “You agreed that the votes would be on a person who had already been agreed, Larissa. And what did you do at the last minute? You ran away from the lane to protect yourself again”. He ended the speech by saying: “You voted against the group and put one more of us on the wall today”.

Soon after, Marvvila detonated Cezar for the criticism he received. The sister said that the brother used her mistake during yesterday’s Paredão formation to appear in the game.

“Cezar, since you came in here, you’ve been a fucking joker*, you’ve been going from group to group, making a scene for everyone and now you want to talk about me. You spoke badly about your friends in the group several times, several people forgave you. At the time who had a vote for Larissa, I showed that I didn’t want to do that. One more thing: in every situation you have, you take advantage of it to grow, the agenda is not yours and you want to create something”, fired the sister.

On the web, Internet users commented that Cezar weighed in at the time to talk to his sister: “Ridiculous the way he spoke to Marvvila”. And another Internet user added: “I understand all of Cezar’s indignation over Marvilla’s mistake, but why is he screaming? All upset?”

Afterwards, Marvvila gave the change, pulling Cezar to the punishment: “You are a sensationalist! How many times I did not agree with your positions because you were always false, but I stayed there, for now, for a moment that I weaken for my heart, You take advantage of the situation to come out on top!”


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