Carvalhal: “Aspas and Veiga played with discomfort”

Carlos Carvalhal left the match played by his team in Pamplona satisfied, in which he managed to resist the Navarrese push. He affirmed that he had to make several tactical adjustments in the first half to prevent Abde from overflowing on the rojillo left wing.

Analysis: “It was a very difficult week for us because Veiga and Aspas were bothered and hardly trained all week. The preparation of the team was not normal because two fundamental players were not in our weekly dynamic, but their professionalism and willingness to play made it possible for us to have them in the starting eleven. Osasuna is a very compact team, very solid, very aggressive in a good way and what happened is that in the defensive process we were very good, in the first part with some luck in some set and with great difficulty to go out as we would like Although Osasuna deserves a lot of credit for how they got together and did the surveillance to put pressure on them. In the second half we rectified some things and balanced the game. Veiga had a clear chance, but it would have been unfair to win for everything Osasuna did in the match. I am very satisfied with the point, for the work and the work of my players. In a championship there are always points that are won like this and they are very welcome”.

Settings: “Osasuna loaded the game a lot on the left and then we had to make an adjustment there, on our right wing. When we rectified that, we stabilized our game and Osasuna had a harder time creating chances. With the ball, what we had to do is move more from behind, without rushing to attack. In the second half there was a time when we had a lot of the ball between the defenders and the goalkeeper because it was important to do it to call up Osasuna’s pressure and then go wide”.

Proud: “I am very proud because in a marathon there is always a lot of music; there is rock and roll, there is classical music… Today it was heavy metal. We had to be prepared for this. If the team weren’t competitive, today we wouldn’t have any chance of winning a point, we got it thanks to the efforts and hard work of the players”.

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