Busquets awaits Barça’s offer before Athletic

Barça summoned their agent for this week and President Laporta himself spoke of a summit shortly but a date has not yet been set

The Barça captain would like to resolve his future as soon as possible because the clubs that have presented him with an offer ask him for a quick response

Busquets, during a training

Pere Punti

He barca and Sergio Busquets They agree to resolve their renewal as soon as possible. In the official act of the continuity of Sergi Robertothe Barça club summoned its representative, Josep Maria Orobitgto a meeting for this week and the president himself Joan Laporta he spoke of a meeting shortly with a proposal for one more season.

The Barça club has not made him any formal offer yet and the captain would be in a hurry to resolve his future because the clubs that have put one on the table are already asking him for an answer. Although he knows that he will be down, the midfielder wants to listen to the Barça club and is confident that the call will take place before the game against him Athletic.

The player wants to have everything clarified in this next international break in order to solve all the logistical issues of his new destination, in case there is no sign of an agreement, and focus on the team and the final stretch of the season, with the titles of The league and the Cup as main objectives.

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