Brothers star in widespread bullshit after the Game of Discord

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After the last Game of Discord on “BBB 23”, the brothers gathered in the living room of the house and starred in widespread bullshit. Everyone spoke at the same time, echoing the dynamic discussions.

Cezar Black started the conversation by saying that Fred Desimpedidos and Larissa proposed an agreement with Marvvila, Gabriel Santana and Sarah Aline: “Gabriel said: ‘Fred and Larissa told me, Marvvila and Sarah that they liked us a lot, that they wanted to play together in the future’. They wanted to protect each other”.

In turn, Larissa was irritated by the nurse’s comment: “Did we talk about protecting ourselves? I said it from my heart. Brazil knows that [o que você disse] It’s a lie!”

Marvvila defended Larissa and stated that he had not made any arrangements with the opposing group. “I didn’t know anything. Sarah was already on the wall. I put myself at risk. I’m so smart that I put myself on the wall”, ironized the singer.

“You’re a traitor, you’re different. You did the same as Cristian did”, insisted Cezar.

“You’re saying things you don’t know. Brazil knows that’s a lie. You’re saying things that aren’t true. Me and Fred didn’t call anyone to an agreement!”, emphasized Larissa screaming.

In the middle of the fight, Marvvila even accused Cezar of being false to Domitila Barros. “You talked bad about everyone behind her back! Domitila, you talked bad about her to everyone and that you were only there because nobody wanted you on the other side. Stop being fake! I didn’t know anything”, shot the artist.

Increasing the generalized bullshit in the room, Ricardo Alface told Amanda that she was one of the targets of Fred’s agreement with the trio. And Sarah vented again about how she is feeling about being nominated for the wall by the youtuber.

Thrilled, the sister revealed that she was desperate for not wanting to leave the program and again stated that she did not expect Fred’s indication for her to go to Paredão. “Yes, I’m desperate. I don’t want to leave here. It’s very difficult to say that you’re protecting my ally and expect me to be okay with the situation. Don’t say that you’re protecting us, when it’s not me. Affection dictates, yes, priority,” said Sarah.

Sarah even stated that Fred doesn’t like her and that she felt sad that she didn’t feel prioritized in the game. The psychologist also said that, because she is black, she ends up prioritizing other people and not herself.

After the end of the speech, the sister turned her back, leaving Fred with no chance to respond, going to the bedroom to pack her bags. Outraged, Fred stated that she wanted to join the military in the middle of the discussion: “She’s even putting militancy in the middle of the deal that she agreed to”, he shot.

“She only told about her experiences”, defended Gabriel Santana. “She’s trying to use other tricks,” insisted Fred.

At that moment, an irritated Fred turns to Gabriel Santana and says: “Look how I am, because of a misinterpretation of one of your lines!”. The actor then reacts: “Is it my fault?”.

Fred complained to Gabriel after Cezar claimed that the brother had said that he would have made a protection agreement with the actor, Sarah Aline and Marvvila. According to Fred, Gabriel Santana was wrong when passing this information on to the group: “Look how I’m doing, Gab, because of a misinterpretation of one of your speeches. Look how the house is!”

“Now it’s my fault?” asked Gabriel, who explained to everyone that there was never an agreement or proposed agreement, just affinities. But Cezar and Domitila did not accept the description of the facts, stating in front of Gabriel that he himself told them in the Fundo do Mar room that there was a proposal for an agreement.

This new information surprised Larissa and Fred, who were wary of Gabriel.

As the discussion dispersed, Fred and Marvvila still had one last fight. Without the slightest sensitivity, Fred said, “Look what my protecting you has done.” To which Marvvila reacted similarly to Gabriel: “Are you blaming me now?”

In general, everyone got excited at some point, screamed and uttered words that left scars. Less one person. In the moment of one of the biggest collective DRs on the show, Key Alves did what she always does when pressured to position herself in front of opponents: she slipped into the bedroom.

Social networks noticed the athlete’s movement and did not forgive, placing “Arregona” among the most commented topics on Twitter.

See half a dozen reactions to the big clash below.

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