Borussia Dortmund: Joao Félix sends a dart to Atlético: “Chelsea is a very big club and I’m happy to be here”

The first teams to advance to the quarterfinals of the UEFA champions league They meet this Tuesday. One of the eliminatory is the one that faces the Chelsea with the Borussia Dortmund. A duel the return that is disputed in Stamford Bridge and to which the Germans arrive with the slight advantage obtained in the first leg.

Before the ball rolls in LondonJoao Félix spoke at a press conference. Although more than the match against Borussia Dortmund, the Portuguese striker had to answer questions about his loan and his future. The player has stated that he is very happy at Chelsea.

However, what was most striking is that on more than one occasion he sent a message that seems to take the form of a direct dart to the Atletico Madrid and, of course, to ‘Cholo’ Simeone. Joao Félix stated that he likes Chelsea’s style of play more and that the English club is “very big”.

Joao Félix, in a press conference of the Champions League with Chelsea

Steven Paston / PA Wire / dpa

Regarding his future, he did not want to ‘get wet’ about his continuity at Chelsea or if he will have to return to Atlético de Madrid in the summer. What he did send is support for his coach Graham Potter due to the current situation of the team blue: “We have to be together and we are. We are with the coach, so it’s perfect.”

Chelsea style

“It’s a different kind of football, the league is different. The way the teams play in La Liga and the Premier League is totally different. Chelsea is a team that likes to attack, they have the ball, they dominate the game. So that It’s the game I like to play. I feel very free playing here. I love it.”

loan in winter

“I think I needed it. When I left Atletico Madrid I thought it was good for me and for them. So I think it was the perfect deal to try something different. I always tried to do my best and sometimes it didn’t work out. So I I had to change to see if things went differently. I think this loan is important for me and I’m very happy to play here.”


“If I want to stay or not? Nobody knows the future. I’m just concentrating on tomorrow’s game. After that, we don’t know what will happen. I’m here and the club is very big, it’s incredible. All those behind the The club are very good, so I’m happy to be here. The lack of goals is frustrating, for me and for the forwards. But it’s football. Sometimes you shoot ten times and you don’t score, sometimes you can shoot once and you end up scoring. So you have to keep working and pushing, and then the goals will appear.”

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bad results

“The players don’t have to take all the blame. The coach doesn’t have to take all the blame. We have to be together, and we are. We are with the coach, so perfect. And the situation will change, that’s for sure.”

Objective: play the Champions League next season

“Playing in the Champions League is always different. It’s a competition that everyone wants to play in, but now I’m focused on tomorrow’s game. We still have many games to try to reach the Champions League in the league, it’s not over.”

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