Bolsonaristas Cássia Kis and Humberto Martins carry ‘Travessia’ on the rise in Ibope

Actors attacked for supporting the former president help author Gloria Perez – also criticized for alleged Bolsonarism – to overcome crisis

In recent chapters, Cidália and Guerra have become the protagonists of ‘Travessia’ with the throbbing plot of the usurpation of power by Ari (Chay Suede).

Cássia Kis and Humberto Martins gave, as they used to say, a bath on stage. They presented the public with consistent performances. Both stand out in the drama peaks.

The sequence-shot of the stunned Cidália circulating through different areas of the company after discovering Ari’s scam highlighted the actress’s scenic domain.

Guerra’s reaction, weakened in the hospital, when he was informed of his ambitious son-in-law’s betrayal reinforced the sensitive interpretation displayed by the actor from the first chapter.

Another old cliché fits: the two carry ‘Travessia’ on their backs. Globo’s 9 pm serial has other actors equally deserving of recognition, however, Cássia and Humberto are a step above.

Ironically, they were the target of an ideological cancellation campaign. They are supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro.

When Cássia participated in acts considered anti-democratic during the tense period of the election, there was a mobilization on the internet to demand that she be removed from the cast and fired by Globo.

Author Gloria Perez, also attacked for being seen as sympathetic to Bolsonarism, not only resisted the pressure but doubled the bet: she made Cidália the central character of the plot.

Equally rejected by the anti-Bolsonarists, Humberto Martins was given the chance by the playwright to replace once and for all the stereotype of the shirtless heartthrob of comic soap operas.

With Guerra, he displays artistic maturity by shamelessly surrendering to an aging character. By the way, it’s even nice to see the two actors taking on the wrinkles on their faces without the despair of looking eternally jovial, as has become common on TV.

By being more in the spotlight, the pair of veterans served as a driving force for the recovery of the soap opera on Ibope.

Since the turn of the year, the indices are biased upwards after almost three months of rejection among a relevant part of viewers.

On Tuesday (7), ‘Travessia’ recorded an average of 27.6 points, the best since its debut. It has transferred an important audience to ‘BBB23’, shown in sequence with frustrating audience figures.

Cássia Kis and Humberto Martins live a special moment with vigorous performances in 'Travessia'

Cássia Kis and Humberto Martins live a special moment with vigorous performances in ‘Travessia’

Photo: Reproduction/TV

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