Bilal Maqsood’s Dheem Tana will cure your midweek blues

KARACHI: Is there any better way to cure our midweek blues than to groove to some new music by Bilal Maqsood? Ever since he’s parted ways from Strings, Maqsood has embarked on a new music journey as a solo artist and it’s safe to say, he hasn’t disappointed. With his smooth as silk voice and upbeat tune, ‘Dheem Tana’ is a reminder of why we love his songs so much!

Bilal Maqsood had been teasing fans with the a snippet of his new music video on Instagram offering them, “Just a small taste of what’s about to come.” Naturally, fans were over the moon and it seems as though the singer anticipated that as well and told them to be patient, “Intezar farmayen.” And now that the song is here, it’s safe to say, it was well worth the wait.

The music video for ‘Dheem Tana’ is quirky, with retro vibes complete with dances, a band fit in a train and Maqsood playing the piano while singing. The song is upbeat and has hints of the rock genre in it as well. The lyrics are catchy as he sings about not knowing what the future has in store and if uncertainty sounds as good as ‘Dheem Tana’ does, we don’t mind! The song is a work in collaboration with Red Bull and even features snippets of Maqsood in concert which is nostalgic for fans.

It’s safe to say, while we all miss the magic that was Strings, Bilal Maqsood reminds us of the good days with his new music and what more could we ask for?

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