The Delay Time Calculator (DTC)-VST free download

The Delay Time Calculator (DTC)

Delay Time Calculator DTC

The Delay Time Calculator

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The Delay Time Calculator (DTC) calculates delay times in milliseconds and frequency modulation values in Hertz for a song tempo in ‘beats per minute’, for a frequency value, or for a measure duration and signature.

There are many uses for this utility, for example calculation of

– pre-delay times for reverbs

– delay times for software or hardware effects without tempo sync

– frequency modulation values that fit a song tempo, eg. for synthesizer or filter LFOs, modulation effects like chorus, flanger, phaser, vibrato, tremolo, you name it.

Ok, enough. Now make some music 😉

download win 32

Delay-Time-Calculator-DTC-1.6.x86 (400 KB)


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