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size 26 MB  / 18 MB

SIM-DIDGE is designed to simulate sounds of the Australian aboriginal Yidaki, better known as a didgeridoo,  using synthesis methods only, along with optional vocal input.
The SIM-DIDGE aims to provide a subset of some typical sounds, but since the player relies so heavily on vocal techniques I provided a microphone “VOICE” input. This can add your vocalisations which can be lip-gated or direct into the tube for “beat boxing”. To synthesise all possible vocal sounds would be an immense task, calling for a voice synthesiser which would be immensely difficult to create and to program by the user. So I hope you find this more of a fun plugin which can create sounds suggestive of the instrument, rather than a full-fledged all-encompassing emulation.Another element in traditional and modern Didge music is when the player taps a rhythm, usually on the tube using a piece of wood. The SIM-DIDGE provides for this TAP sound. The synth can generate a wide range of percussive sound ranging from a drum, through a tube strike to tap sticks


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Quilcom-SIM-DIDGE_x86  ( 26 MB )
Quilcom-SIM-DIDGE_x64  ( 18 MB )


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