Dead Duck Deducktion

Is a 32-voice subtractive synth with powerful options beneath its simple exterior. Its comprehensiv

e LFO controls and modulation matrix are perfect for creating evolving soundscapes.

Dead Duck Deducktion

Deducktion is a subtractive synthesizer.

  • 2 oscillators with saw, square, triangle and noise waveforms with ‘supersaw’ detune, PWM and square/triangle sub-oscillator options.
  • 1 resonant multi-mode filter with lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop and peaking options.
  • 3 envelopes, 4 LFOs and a 12-slot modulation matrix for a wide range of modulation possibilities.
  • Built-in delay, chorus and reverb effects.
  • MIDI CC control of parameters and modulation sources allowing full interaction with hardware controllers.
  • Customisable GUI themes.


Win 32 VST (0.7 Mb)

Win 64 VST (0.8 Mb)

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