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Something is wrong with Benzema. It appears little and when it is, it is not well. Never in his entire career had he spent so much time in the infirmary. This Friday he did not exercise in the last session, so he is confirmed absent for the match against Espanyol this Saturday. In fact, and can serve as a summary, He has more injuries this season (8) than in the previous three together (7). A footballer with a fairly refined medical history… who this season has grown a huge mole. They are being months of disappointments and enormous mystery: a lot of overload, a lot of “mild discomfort”, a lot of “rest”. But between some things and others, the feeling is that Karim plays dropper, not regularly. Because the body does not allow you to acquire it. More when he can, than when he wants.


Benzema, in the Benito Villamarín.frank santiagoGetty

The last ailment has been sentenced today: will not play against Espanyol for “ankle discomfort. Its about 14th game that will not play this seasonhaving lost the 3. 4% for various injuries. Madrid has not had Benzema, not even on the bench, in one out of every three games. In total, sum eight injuries. A fateful carousel that had its zero kilometer in Glasgow (September 6): semitendinosus muscle; he missed three games. He returned in front of Osasuna and immediately after, back to the dry dock. Ancelotti pointed out that he would not be in Getafe for “rest”; a few quotes that hid a muscle overload. That was where the nightmare seemed to end.

But it wasn’t even half. Because the next thing was“muscular fatigue”, which authorized him to play only 26 minutes (at half throttle against Celtic) from Sevilla to the World Cup in Qatar. Despite the hubbub, he reached the world and he traveled with his team, but in one of his first training sessions… quadriceps injury in the left leg and return to Spain. The fifth of the course. Since then, three more: an unspecified -there was no medical information- that deprived him of Son Moix and the semifinal of the Mundialito; nails “mild discomfort” for which the trip to Pamplona was lost and now, these “ankle discomfort”. He has eight injuries. I had never suffered so many in the same season and not even putting together all of the last three, does one reach that record.

Medical history

Season Equipment injuries
2008-09 lyons 2
2009-10 lyons 0
2010-11 real Madrid 0
2011-12 real Madrid 1
2012-13 real Madrid 1
2013-14 real Madrid 2
2014-15 real Madrid 1
2015-16 real Madrid 6
2016-17 real Madrid 2
2017-18 real Madrid 2
2018-19 real Madrid 3
2019-20 real Madrid 1
2020-21 real Madrid 2
2021-22 real Madrid 4
2022-23 real Madrid 8

An uncertain future

ancelotti has repeated actively and passively that It will continue next season, but… under what conditions? That is the question. “It is true that he is no longer a child, but he will continue with us next season”, was the confession of the coach, who treasures a special affection for the Frenchman. Something indicated by his absences, he even exclaimed: “I don’t want a tall striker, I want Benzema.” All for Karim; but Karim is not for everyone. The physicist has him in the infirmary and the debate about whether to look for a nine next summer is heating up more and more. From the club, “tranquility”. It is what is transmitted, despite the fact that the forward and captain of him has just signed his eighth injury this season and has been absent in 34% of the games.

Mendy, the novelty in the session

Benzema was the great absence, but in return Ancelotti added cash: Ferland Mendy. The French winger trained with the rest of the group and could enter the squad against the parakeet team. Mendy has not played since January 26, the Copa del Rey derby. Just in case, Carletto brought another left back to the session this Friday, this one from Castilla, the Balearic Rafel Obrador.

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