‘BBB 23’: Larissa explains concern for Bruna and MC Guimê: ‘I was without panties’

Larissa explains the real reason she was worried about the jokes between Bruna Griphao and MC Guimê at the ‘BBB 23’ party

On the afternoon of this Thursday, 09/03, Larissa opened the game with Bruna Griphao and explained his concern for her while playing with MC Guimê at the leader’s party. Unaware of the repercussions that happened on the web, the sister pointed out that she did not see evil in them, but was apprehensive because they were drunk.

Bruna Griphao and Larissa at ‘BBB 23’. Playback/Globoplay

Photo: Marcia Piovesan

“You were very drunk, you, Guimê, Gabriel… Then you kind of threw yourselves on top of each other, kind of fell… You weren’t wearing panties yesterday, you opened your legs, they grabbed your leg”she began.

Bruna questioned who took her by the legs, and Larissa said: “On the track like this… You kind of fell, then you caught it like this, joking. Then I, my God, man. I was worried. But you were like that with everyone, you know”. “And, we were like that with everyone. What a scare, bro’ replied Bruna.

Larissa emphasizes concern

Larissa said that she knew nothing would happen, but even so, she was worried. “But I was worried. Because, it’s dangerous, right? Everyone’s really drunk… I was worried about you, actually. Not that you were going to do anything, I don’t think you were going to do anything, but sometimes without intention, you know. You would fall to the ground, open your leg… Me, mercy. But not that you had any intention, neither you, nor Gabriel, nor Guimê. But just because of the situation. It’s just that everyone was very drunk”, finally said.

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