Bayern Munich – PSG live: UEFA Champions League, live today

PSG forgives Bayern

They lived a very tense 45′ at the Allianz Arena. Between PSG and Bayern Munich it shows that there was a lot at stake, and for this reason few risks were taken so that they could not receive goals against. With a favorable overall score for the Germans, Galtier’s team did not lose their composure despite taking things easy.

Mbappé did not hesitate when he went into space to mark territory and show his opponents that he could mess things up at any time, and Musiala did the same on the other side of the field with some amazing individual plays.

The best chance in this first half came after a mistake by Sommer. The Swiss, who showed a lot of security and confidence throughout this stretch of the game, tried to drive a ball into the area while Achraf pressured him, and with the Parisians recovering the ball, Vitinha lost the first chance of scoring when he shot into an empty net. De Ligt was the one who prevented the tie.

With a lot at stake, the second 45′ is expected to have a lot more going on. The French team has to take risks at some point in the search for a tie, and there they will measure their ability to avoid suffering excessively against Bayern.

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