Barcelona – Valencia: the result of the LaLiga Santander match

Barça wins 1-0 thanks to Raphinha’s goal. Araujo has been sent off and Ferran has missed a penalty

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chain BE03/05/2023 – 6:21 p.m. CET

Very important game for Barça at the Spotify Camp Nou after the defeat in the last day of LaLiga Santander against Almería. The azulgranas faced a Valencia with a lot of urgency , in decline and with the need to add three by three to save the category.

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The azulgranas began to command, although the ches did not suffer too much in the first half, until Sergio Busquets invented a great pass for Raphinha and he headed it past Mamardashvili. From there, those of Baraja began to grow and did not lose face in the match, although without finishing off.

In the second half, Ferran Torres missed a penalty and shortly after Ronald Araujo was sent off. Barça had more than half an hour ahead with one less, they had to suffer and defend. Valencia tried to press, although they only shot between the three sticks once and at discount. The blaugrana save the ballot with another victory by the minimum and now the pressure is on Real Madrid, who faces Real Betis at the Benito Villamarín .

This is how we have narrated FC Barcelona vs Valencia CF live

A hard-fought victory

FC Barcelona takes the victory against Valencia after playing for more than half an hour with a minor player due to the expulsion of Ronald Araujo. The azulgranas have learned to suffer and put pressure on Real Madrid, who can say goodbye to the league title today.



Barça was finally saved, playing more than half an hour with one less due to the expulsion of Araujo. The culés dominated in the first half and met Raphinha’s goal. Valencia grew little by little and in the second half they got closer, although very few times. Ferran Torres missed a penalty. Xavi Hernández’s men are provisionally ten points behind Real Madrid.


90 + 4′

Ter Stegen stopped!

The ball fell to Kluivert and he set up the shot. The ball goes to the door and Ter Stegen saves the tie. Stop that can be worth three points and who knows if a League.

90 + 3′

Barça defends

Ball from the right for Hugo Duro, he lowers it with his chest and they get ahead of him to clear. He shrinks Barça’s waters.

90 + 1′

Duro’s high shot!

Hugo Duro fell into the corner area, settled to the left and Hugo Duro hit him hard. He goes high.

90 + 1′

Marcos Alonso gives away a corner

Marcos Alonso let the ball pass so that it would come out thinking that it had touched a Valencian player, but Arberola says that it is a corner.


added time

Five more minutes will be played.


Fran and Vázquez do not connect

Fran Pérez tried to find Jesús Vázquez, but he is wrong in the opening.


Hold on to Barca

The minutes continue to pass and FC Barcelona remains strong defensively. Raphinha’s goal is worth it.


Change in the Barça

Enter Alarcon.

Raphinha walks away.


Musah Safe Shot

The ball came to Musah on the edge after a corner and he shot with his left foot, but without force. He did not even reach the goal and Barça clears.


Valencia calls for a penalty

Fran Pérez fell with Kessie and the referee says that there is nothing. The Valencia players protest the decision.


Christensen hurts

Christensen has discomfort and hurts on the ground. He looks like she recovers.


Bucket advances his position

Barça closes in defense with Kondé, Eric García, Christensen and Marcos Alonso. Alejandro Balde goes higher.


Change in Barcelona

Enter Eric García.

Sergi Roberto leaves.


Hugo Hard Center

Hugo Duro put the ball in, but Marcos Alonso touched it.


Double change in Valencia

Almeida and Lino leave.

Enter Musah and Kluivert.


Ter Stegen of fists

New ball to the Valencia area and Ter Stegen has to clear his fists. Koundé remains stretched out on the ground.


Valencia tries it by band

Castillejo is trying to overflow all the time. For now, Barça closes well and endures the attempts of Valencia.


Shot by Castillejo

Castillejo went inside and looked for the shot from outside the area. Christensen blocked the shot.


Valencia has had it!

Samu Castillejo takes it, gives it to Lino and puts it in the small area. Fran Pérez finished off wide, although the flag has been raised.


Valencia rules now

With one more, Valencia sees itself with the option of getting something out of the Camp Nou. The ches move it in search of the tie.


Diakhaby does not understand himself with his goalkeeper

Mamardashvili came out, but Diakhaby did not hear him and cleared a free-kick from Raphinha.


Nice cut from Christensen

The ball came to Castillejo, but Christensen was quick to cut.


Good combination of the Barça

Ferran and Raphinha combined well, although Foulquier cut later.


Double change in Valencia

Se van Thierry in Ilaix Moriba.

Enter Fran Pérez and Castillejo.


Change in the Barça

He left Ansu Fati.

Enter Marcos Alonso.



Araujo is expelled!

Koundé’s mistake that combs a ball, it falls to Hugo Duro who was going alone and Araujo knocks him down. He was the last man and takes the red. Barça is left with 10′


He can’t finish off hard

The ball was left for Hugo hard in front of Ter Stegen and he bit him. The draw escapes him.


¡Al palo Ansu Fati!

Barça almost redid the penalty ruling, but Ansu Fati’s shot hit the post. Barça has had it!


There was change in Valencia

Diakhaby entered for Cömert.54′



The person in charge of hitting him was Ferran Torres, although Ansu also asked for it, and the winger missed. Barça loses the option of putting land in the middle.




Shot of Kessie plugging Guillamón. Arberola Rojas says he gives him his hand and pits the maximum penalty.


He can’t finish Hard

Ball from the right of Correia who was looking for Hugo Duro. The striker launched, but hit him with his knee.


Thierry does not arrive

Deep pass from Almeida to Thierry, but the winger didn’t reach it and went down the touchline.


Bad pase from Kessie

Kessie looked long for Raphinha, but didn’t connect well with the pass. She is going way off track.


Balde’s new boarding school

Good run by Balde and he puts her in the area in search of Ansu. Clear the defense of Valencia.


Valencia wants the tie

Rubén Baraja’s men have come out with intensity and are trying to connect in search of a draw. For now, Barça’s defense solves it well.


Valencia’s first attempt

He stole Valencia and Lino left on the left. His pass to the front was intercepted.45′

The second part begins

The ball is already rolling!

He starts commanding FC Barcelona.

Change in the Barça

Enter Kessie

De Jong leaves

Great assistance in the Camp Nou

The Spotify Camp Nou presents a great assistance in this Barcelona – Valencia. Great afternoon of football in Barcelona.

Follow Barça – Valencia in Carrusel Deportivo

This is the great team of Carrusel Deportivo in the Spotify Camp Nou match.

Raphinha’s goal puts Barça ahead

A great pass from Sergio Busquets and a definition with Raphinha’s header to beat Mamardashvili. That is what has unbalanced FC Barcelona – Valencia CF.


End of the first part.

Barça goes to the changing rooms with an advantage on the scoreboard. Good first half hour for the Catalans, who dominated and found the goal through Raphinha. Later, in the last quarter of an hour, Valencia grew and put the Catalans in trouble. All open for the second half.


45 + 1′

Busquets avoids danger

Another cross into the area, this time from the right, but Busquets manages to block and then avoid the corner kick.


added time

One more minute will be played.


Valencia has had it!

Ball from the left of Jesús Vázquez, ball that remains dead in the culé area and Ilaix Moriba pays it with the right very forced, but does not find the goal. It has been very clear.


Generous se duele

Game stopped. Cömert has problems and has to be assisted. It seems that the central is recovered.



Very compromised transfer from Ferran to Ter Stegen, the goalkeeper controls as best he can and looks for the pass, but gives it to Samu Lino in the area. The auction of this one went high. Barça has been saved from the tie.


Very attentive Araujo

He was riding against Valencia, but poor control made Araujo go ahead and forcefully move the danger away.


Remate de Ansu Fati

Great center from Raphinha and Ansu Fati finishes off with a header, but it doesn’t connect well and spikes on the ground before going wide. It was a very good occasion.


Ansu runs into the barrier

Ansu Fati takes the lateral free kick directly on goal, but it hits the barrier.


Thierry drops the Bucket

New internship on the left of Balde and Correia knocks him down. Good free-kick option for Barça almost in the bottom line of the band.33′

Thierry manages to finish off!

Good ball from Jesús Vázquez and Thierry appears in the area to get ahead of the defense and finish off with a header. He got close to her.


Ferran has it!

Shot from the front by Ferran Torres and Mamardashvili had to dive down to avoid the second.


Cannot connect Valencia

Guillamón looked for the long pass for Thierry, but the Blaugrana defense went ahead and Ter Stegen took the ball.

This is how we heard Raphinha’s goal in Carrusel Deportivo

Busquets connected with Raphinha through a great pass, leaving the goal on a tray for the Brazilian.Play/Pause

FC Barcelona 1-0 Valencia: Goal by Raphinha

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Good De Jong in defense

Samu Lino was looking for the center, but Frenkie De Jong appeared to prevent the pass.


Mamardashvili almost got involved

Raphinha put it into the area and Mamardashvili grabbed it, but the ball inexplicably escaped him and he went for a corner.


Barça has had it!

Spectacular diagonal of Balde, who reaches the front, leaving behind all the rivals he encountered, left it to Raphinha and hit him first. He went close to the stick.


Raphinha runs into the barrier

It is missing that Raphinha bounces, but the star on the barrier.


Ansu offside

Balde’s deep ball for Ansu, but the 10 was in an advanced position.


Ansu’s shot

Shot by Ansu Fati inside the area at the hands of Mamardashvili17′

Jug of cold water for Valencia

Valencia was defending well and didn’t suffer too much, but a great pass from Busquets unblocked the game. They were all planted behind and Busi found space for Raphinha.



Barcelona is ahead!

Unchecking Raphinha, Busquets puts it spectacular and very precise and the Brazilian pokes it over Mamardashvili to put the first. Great definition!



De Jong knocks down Thierry

Missing down from De Jong on Thierry. The Valencianists asked for yellow.


New clearance from Valencia

Raphinha puts it from the corner, but can’t find anyone. Hugo Duro drives away the danger.11′

De Jong fails to put it

Inside ball for De Jong, he tries to win the bottom line in the area but they close him off.


Easy trap Ter Stegen

Quick exit from Valencia, Moriba connects with Lino and he puts it on, but very soft and Ter Stegen takes the ball without problem.


De Jong shot

De Jong tried a shot from the front, but it slipped when hitting. Mamardashvili catches without problems.


Linen ends badly

Deep ball for Samu Lino, but he finishes off badly and goes wide. He beat Koundé’s back well.


Araujo beats Duro

Araujo crosses very quickly. He prevents Hugo Duro from taking the ball.4′

Mamardashvili gets ahead of Ansu

Long ball for Ansu Fati, but it goes too far and Mamardashvili takes it.


Bucket hospitalization

Balde tries to win the bottom line on the left, but runs into Foulquier.2′

Roba Thierry

Thierry came forward to take the pass from Balde to De Jong. Very attentive to that band on the side.


Ansu is the extreme

Finally, the arrangement of the Barça forward is with Ansu Fati on the left, Raphinha on the right and Ferran as nine.1′

The Barcelona – Valencia begins!

Roll the ball at the Spotify Camp Nou!

First possession for Valencia and they play it directly above.

the players come out

The 22 protagonists are already on the pitch of the Spotify Campo Nou. The FC Barcelona anthem sounds.

Pedri and Gavi, two capital casualties

Pedri and Gavi are key pieces in this FC Barcelona, ​​but today they will not be able to be on the field helping the team.

Alexia Putellas is The Best

This was the moment in which the female Barça players offered their awards to the Barça fans.

Alexia Putellas offers The Best at Camp Nou

Alexia Putellas won The Best for the best player of the year 2022. She is at the Spotify Camp Nou to offer the award to the fans, with the rest of her teammates who were chosen in the eleven of the year.

Ferran from false nine

Adrià Albets informs that finally the arrangement up front would be with Ferran Torres of nine. Ansu Fati would be the extreme left.

Barça returns to the three forwards

After several games in which a line of four midfielders had established itself in the FC Barcelona line-ups, although with Gavi or Pedri always acting on the left as false wingers, in the match against Valencia they line up three forwards again.

Raphinha and Ferran will presumably occupy the wings, with Ansu as false nine. Although, that position can be inserted between Torres and Fati. We will see a lot of mobility on the offensive line.

Great atmosphere at the Camp Nou

The fans who have come to the Camp Nou Spotify to enjoy Barcelona – Valencia have enjoyed activities before the match.

Arbitrator Appointment

Alberola Rojas is the main referee of this FC Barcelona – Valencia CF.

In the VAR will be Jaime Latre.

The players are already warming up

The Barcelona and Valencia players have already left the field of play to carry out the warm-up exercises prior to the start of the game.

Xavi, on the 'Clásico': "This is the most difficult club in the world, if it had been the other way around it would be a national holiday"

Xavi, on the ‘Clásico’: “This is the most difficult club in the world, if it had been the other way around it would be a national holiday”

Xavi Hernández was blunt when talking about the Clásico last Thursday. “You win in Madrid 0-1 and it seems that you are not convincing. If it were the other way around, it would be a national holiday. At Barça you have to win and convince, that’s why it is the most difficult club in the world. I already said it last year and they fell for me hosts like a piano”

The goalkeepers have been the first to warm up

As usual, the goalkeepers of both teams are the first to come out onto the pitch to start the warm-up. The rest of the protagonists of this Barcelona – Valencia will be out shortly.

The Barça recovers

After two consecutive defeats, against Manchester United and Almería, and missing the opportunity to practically end the fight for the title, FC Barcelona turned up at the Santiago Bernabéu to play the first leg of the Copa del Rey semifinals.

It was a difficult moment since it also came with very important casualties, such as Ousmane Dembélé, Pedri, Robert Lewandowski and Christensen, but Xavi Hernández’s men made up for it by winning the Clásico. Real Madrid won the long-awaited possession from the culés and they defended themselves in their own half for many minutes, but they took the spoils.

Substitutes of Valencia

Rubén Baraja has these players at his disposal in order to make possible substitutions:

– Rivero, Herrerín, Lato, Diakhaby, Mosquera, Kluivert, Fran Pérez, Guerra, Marcos André, Castillejo and Musah

Substitutes of the FC Barcelona

These are the players available on the Barça bench:

– Peña, Tenas, Marcos Alonso, Eric García, Jordi Alba, Kessié, Pablo Torre, Alarcón and Estanis

The Xi of Valencia CF

With Lato’s loss at the last minute, it will be Jesús Vázquez who will occupy the left side. Ilaix Moriba enters the midfield:

– Mamardashvili; Thierry, Cömert, Cenk, Vazquez; William, Foulquier, Ilaix, Almeida; Samu Lino and Hugo Hard

This is the XI of FC Barcelona

The great novelty of FC Barcelona is the return to 4-3-3. Kessie falls and Ansu Fati enters:

-Ter Stegen; Koundé, Araujo, Christensen, Balde; Busquets, De Jong, Sergi Roberto; Raphinha, Ferran Torres and Ansu Fati

Preview of FC Barcelona – Valencia CF

Good afternoon!

Football returns to the Spotify Camp Nou with Barça receiving a Valencia in the emergency room. The Catalans, who in addition to the losses of Dembélé, Pedri, and Lewandowski will not have Xavi Hernández on the bench either, are looking for a victory to clip the wings of the illusion of Real Madrid.

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