“Barça has never bought referees”

Joan Laporta break his silence and talk about him ‘Negreira case’. Although she does it halfway. The president of the FC Barcelona He has tried to escape the accusations that point to the club having made suspicious payments to the former number two of the Technical Committee of Refereeswho shortly before served as a collegiate First division.

the figure of Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira and his son Javier Enriquez Romero It has been closely linked to the Barça entity in recent weeks and Laporta has confirmed that they are preparing a press conference in which they will give the version of what happened and that they will use to defend the innocence of the club.

The maximum leader of the Barcelona entity has now participated in an act organized by the Godó Group in the Equestrian Circle of Barcelona in which he has left some first brushstrokes about his position: “We have a press conference prepared to discuss this issue. Barça has never hired referees and Barça has never had the intention of buying referees.”

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In addition, Joan Laporta has gone further and pointed out who he considers to be largely responsible for all the leaks that have occurred and that seem to point to Barça. The president of the Catalan club criticizes javier thebesPresident of The leaguewith whom he maintains a tense relationship that broke out after the rejection upon the arrival of cvc to the national championship.

“There is a campaign to harm the interests of Barça. It is a campaign aimed at controlling the club. LaLiga does not accept that Barça did not sign the contract with CVC”. The leader of the Catalan entity is clear about who is behind a war that threatens to mark his management at the head of the club.

Joan Laporta, during an act at the Camp Nou


Laporta wanted to reiterate during his speech at various times that the intention that everyone at Barça now has is to leave the club’s image as intact as possible: “Barça has not dedicated itself to buying referees. Barça will not be harmed. I don’t know much of the CTA. I only knew Negreira a little.”

The president of FC Barcelona continued his attack on Javier Tebas, reiterating the animosity he has against his team: I don’t see their actions very logical. He must look after the interests of all the clubs. Also from Barcelona. He makes comments that affect the confidentiality of the La Liga clubs that he presides over.”

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“He has had performances in the past that show an obsession with Barça. I hope that the Barça-LaLiga relationship improves.” In addition, he assured that he does not have any problem against him or against the institution, but that it is Thebes who hinders the Barça entity: “For the record, he is the one who puts up obstacles.”

Laporta reviews

In addition to the ‘Negreira Case’ and the possible involvement of Javier Tebas, the Catalan team’s top president has spoken about other conflicts surrounding Barça, to which Laporta suggests that they always appear when they are doing well in the sporting aspect. Something like a black hand that already splashed them when they discovered the famous ‘levers’: “We are aware that we cannot govern based on levers. Lately only negative news from Barcelona has come out. Now they don’t like who we have hired for the Camp Nou works… I would say it has to do with the super league“.

“We are starting to go well, we have saved the club financially and we cannot continue with the ‘levers’. We have to make a viability plan. What I am seeing is that there is only negative news and articles that I am not going to talk about. No liked that we have hired the company Limak. Who has an interest in controlling Barça is LaLiga and CVC”.

“I think it goes this way. We defend this model of ownership of the partners. This is what motivates me the most. You have to defend the interests of Barça and they have a difficult time. Barça will not enter into another ownership model. We they want to hinder economically to end up being a Public Limited Company. I see attempts, but they are not truthful enough”.

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Laporta spoke at length about the subject of the famous ‘levers’ that seem to be back in the news: “LaLiga is dedicated to issuing circulars so that the ‘levers’ do not affect the Financial Fair Play. You can only operate on assets that do not generate recurring assets. The sale of 49% of BLM it would not be considered income. Neither does the Museum, because it provides income. Barca Studios It depends on the assets. We have created a subsidiary that has Web3, NFTs… and previously served for Fair Play purposes. Now only 49% of individual assets could be sold. I have not considered it. With BLM we have offers. We have reviewed the debt and we are at record income from sponsorships. As long as it works like this, let’s not consider selling more assets.”

On the matter of the accounts, Laporta also spoke about the situation of the squad and the excess wage bill that they register: “We are exceeded by 200 million, which we inherited from the previous board, which had the approval of LaLiga. They left Barça with a salary limit exceeded by 300 million. LaLiga allowed that to be done. We arrived and they forced us to follow much stricter rules. I want to say that this is not correct and this situation would have to be redirected. They only do things so that we cannot sign. This winter we have not signed, despite the fact that we had a small margin. If we reduce the wage bill, we are doing a great job, but we still need to reach the 1/1 norm while we are now at 4/1”.

Another of the hot spots of Laporta’s appearance dealt with the situation of the project of the ‘Barça Space’: “It is part of the club’s feasibility process. It is 10 years late. Barça will have a first-class stadium, with the capacity to generate more income. It is a necessary project. We have awarded the works and we have decided to close the financing on March 31st”.

“There are two alternatives that we want to study. If we had taken advantage of the time of the pandemic, it would have been more favourable. We have the financing, but we think it should be improved. We do not see the interests well. We are working hard. The most important thing is that we will only be one season and four months away from the stadium. Every year that we are away from the stadium we stop entering 93 million. The time we will be away is essential and that led us to make that decision. In September 2024 we will return to the stadium SpotifyCamp Nou and the works will finish in 2026″.

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In addition to institutional matters, Laporta also made it clear that he is already preparing the renewals of Xavi Hernandez and Busquetsbeing clear that the coach’s is closer, that they have in the club Ansu Fati and that they hope to be able to make signings in the summer, especially in defense, on the sides, and in attack. Finally, he thanked the barcelonismo of Messi and his family and left the door open to treat the tribute that the Argentine deserves, although not to a possible return of the player.

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