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By: Martell Nucamendi

There have been speculations about the romance between Bad Bunny and one of the kardashiansNow the singer and the celebrity’s ex are throwing hints at each other.

the rapper Eladio Carrion He released his new album and has collaborations such as Lil Wayne, Future, 50 Cent, Mike Towers, etc. As one of the most media participations, he has a song with the reggaeton player Bad Bunnywho is said to be dating kendall jenner.


If it were Bad Bunny’s puja to Devin Booker… Is he really contradicting himself?

— Garavi (@garavijosue)”>March 19, 2023

The song is named “Coco Chanel” and the verse that caused controversy says: “Puerto Rico’s sun is hotter than Phoenix’s”a team that includes Devin Booker, NBA basketball player and former model.

To this supposed hint the player of the suns He replied “He was worried about another man again”, which could refer to the infidelity that the Puerto Rican suffered for his ex Gabriela Berlingeri.

The “Betty” song Carrionalso mentions the basketball player Michael Jordan and the playoffs, so the “shoot” towards the guard of the Suns does not seem far-fetched.

The Kardashians addicted to professional athletes

Kendall now she is involved in a love controversy with the singer Bad Bunnybut the sisters kardashians they mark a certain trend towards professional athletes; and the appearance of Kim and Kendall in the PSG match against Rennes raises the question of the possibility of a romance between the show business.

Khloe Kardashian had a relationship with the basketball player Rashad McCantslater with his namesake by profession, lamar odom with whom he would have a seven-year relationship, then he would arrive Tristan Thompson, with whom he has two children; Derrick Ward can also be included in the list. Kim Kardashian dated Reggie Bush, an NFL player for the Saints, at the time; Miles Austin, also a soccer player but for the Dallas Cowboys and Kris Humphries, a professional basketball player.

Kendall started history with Julian Brooks, wide receiver; Chandler Parsons was next, but this basketball player, from the same Jordan Clarkson league who currently plays with the Utah Jazz, Blake Griffin, Ben Simmons and the most recent ex-boyfriend Devin Booker.


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