Atlético de Madrid: Simeone, the ‘Negreira case’ and Real Madrid’s reaction: “When a door opens…”

He Atletico Madrid closes in Montilivi before him Girona the day 25 of The league. Before this, Diego Pablo Simeone spoke at a press conference. The Argentine coach, in addition to assessing the current situation of his team, also gave his opinion on the ‘Negreira case’ and the recent reaction of the Board of Directors of the real Madrid. He ‘cholo’ He stated that he hopes that everything is resolved so that everyone can compete “with the same rules”. In addition, he left an enigmatic message: “When a door opens, a window also opens.”

competition and illusion

“What is seen is clear and we are all observers of what is seen. The reality is that the team is excited, those who start playing or those who have to enter. It was always one of the tools to compete at the highest level and hopefully we can sustain it from here to the end”.

play on monday

“It is the reality that we have to solve, we knew that we were playing on Monday and we worked to arrive in the best way against a team that from midfield forward with the coach who has always shown courage, has good players and good pressure in the loss. We have to take the game to where it suits us best”.

The ‘Cholo’ Simeone, in a press conference with Atlético de Madrid in the 2022/2023 season


Investigation to Barça and reaction of Real Madrid

“These are issues that have to be resolved by the people who have to resolve it. We hope that it will be done so that we can all understand it and we all compete with the same rules. But when a door opens, a window also opens.”

Review of Riquelme

“I love him, he’s a player with a lot of energy, he had a fantastic pre-season, we talked to him because there were a lot of players in his position and the best decision was to go to a place where he’s had minutes and a coach who has given him confidence”.

[La Fiscalía denuncia al FC Barcelona por los pagos al exárbitro José María Enríquez Negreira]

De Paul has rivals for a position

“There is a search for a way that the team in these two months began to feel more comfortable and secure and the one who enters knows what he has to do. We need him, because of his personality and vision of the game, but there is good competition in the sector and it is the best thing that can happen to us. It makes us compete better if we manage to sustain it”.

Worst moment before the World Cup

“When you say that you never know when the worst moment is. When you say ‘it can’t be worse’ you never know, so you have to be attentive”.

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