Athletic 0 – Barcelona 1: summary, goals and result of the match

Raphinha relieves Barcelona!

Barcelona suffered a lot in this first half in San Mamés but in the end he wins a lot of loot thanks to the goal, with suspense, by Raphinha just before the break.

The start was hectic, with a tremendous rhythm by both teams. in the first minute Ferran already had it with a volley shot. Then Nico Williams, Berenguer or Busquets had chances.

Berenguer himself as a Chilean or Lewandowski inside the area against Agirrezabala kept warning. Athletic, with more danger than Barcelona, ​​was hovering around the goal without success with permanent arrivals the dangerous.

The game became slower and hotter due to several interruptions, and Athletic struck again with a shot below Iñaki Williams and a crossbar from Raúl García. Finally, At the edge of the break, Raphinha was in charge of seeing the goal after defining inside the area upon receiving from Busquets, action invalidated for offside and then awarded by VAR.

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