As at Corinthians, VP continues with difficulty reading the game – 09/03/2023

To explain the loss of the Guanabara Cup title to Fluminense, Vítor Pereira spoke of injuries to his players and the physical strain caused by the sequence of matches.

The Flamengo coach, however, did not mention the most decisive point: Fernando Diniz’s best reading of the game.

Fluminense won by 2-1, on the comeback, last Wednesday (8), because their coach moved the team better in the second half. And that’s no surprise.

At Corinthians, VP drew more attention for substitutions that went wrong than for those that were successful.

At Flamengo, he maintains this rhythm. At least in the Brazilian phase of his work, VP is not a coach who stands out for making the changes that change the course of the game favorably for the team he manages.

His work seems to depend almost exclusively on what is built in training, with no great ideas during matches.

Pereira’s audacity in taking a radically different team in relation to the previous game to a decision paid off in the initial stage.

Especially with regard to the entry of Everton Cebolinha. He scored the goal that allowed Flamengo to go to the locker room with a partial victory by 1-0.

It could be the night VP made a difference with his decisions. But it wasn’t because from the other side Diniz saw what was happening, changed Fluminense and put his team in conditions to win the match.

Meanwhile, the Portuguese repeated what he did many times at Corinthians: he made “harmless” changes and did not know how to stop his rival’s superiority.

Afterwards, also as he used to do for Alvinegro, he took a collection of unconvincing justifications to the press conference.

On the other side of the classic, Diniz moved the Flu to come back from the break. Keno left for the entrance to Lima. David Braz was replaced by Pirani, who had a great participation in the tricolor evolution and scored the winning goal. That is, the Flu coach did something that gave his team conditions to win.

Already VP, as in many other times, skated in the exchanges. After the opponent’s reaction, in the 21st minute of the final stage, Pereira replaced Gabigol and De Arrascaeta with Mateusão ​​and Ayrton Lucas. Part of Flamengo fans called the coach a donkey.

The Flamengo substitutions did not work, despite an initial improvement. Flamengo gained energy and suffocated Fluminense’s ball output.

But the red-black couldn’t sustain the pressure for long. With other ineffective substitutions, he gave up spaces to his rival and ended the match disorganized, taking the turnaround goal. The outcome of the decision reflected Diniz’s ability to understand what his team needed to react and VP’s inability to do the same for Flamengo.

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