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April Lyda Wiki, Biography, Age, 12-year-old Tulsa girl fatally stabbed 9-year-old brother Wikibious

April Lyda Wiki – April Lyda Biography

A Gofundme was launched to provide financial support to April Lyda, the devastated mother of the 9 -year -old son, Zander, who was stabbed by her 12 -year -old sister, and has raised more than $ 10,000.

The incident that occurred on January 5, 2023, was not very publicized until the Tulsa Police launched the video bodycam last month. Shortly after, the tragic and equally shocking case became a national story, since the video showed a 12 -year -old 12 -year -old boy who repeatedly apologized to the officers who called him while carrying her wife.

In the video, the sob that was not identified, 12 years old, confessed to the officers that shortly before midnight on January 5, he stabbed his 9 -year -old brother in the neighborhood of Tulsa St. Thomas Square. While the girl is carried, we listen to her mother, April Lyda, following closely, shouting at her daughter, who is prior to apologizing for her actions.

The authorities have remained with tight lips on the case due to the girl’s age. While they have not yet revealed a reason for the murder, the girl in the video seemed perplexed as she said:

“I’m very sorry, I don’t know what happened! It’s a bit demonic!”

So far, the police have not revealed if the girl was accused of death. However, a gofundme launched weeks after the incident provided an idea of the home life of the Family of April Lyda. He also briefly deepened the mental health of the 12 -year -old girl.

April Lyda speaks in defense of her family

The collection of funds launched by Close Family Friends described April Lyda as a strong single mother of three children who fiercely loves all her children. The page said that the recent incident in which his son was killed at the hands of his daughter has left his family “devastated and confused.”

The page revealed that the girl was a good girl who did not exhibit any behavioral problems until the night of the incident. Shortly after the incident went viral, on May 27, 2023, April Lyda filed a statement on the Gofundme page, defending his family against online hatred. The single mother of three children also defended her daughter, demolishing the conjecture that she is mentally ill.

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Lyda explained that her daughter did not exhibit any behavior problems until she was put on medicines. However, Lyda did not enter the details of the details or the reason behind prescribing the medication, apparently due to the ongoing litigation.

She said:

“They were raised as the fearful children of God and never had behavioral problems until they put her back in a medication for more than a year, no, it was not Psych meds, and I cannot go into details because I am not sure of everything I am still allowed to share. ”

The page also said that his daughter only began to cut two months after they put it in that medication. Shortly after, Lyda supposedly took her daughter from the pills, but said she seemed to be too late.

“I want to clarify something, my daughter was not a cutter! He had old cuts two months before when he returned for the first time in his medications and all agreed to take it immediately, therefore, I did it and unfortunately, the damage was already too late. ”

The page also declared that she loved her son now deceased and regretted that she could not protect him from damage. He also implored people who do not create everything they see and listen to online.

Lyda added that his daughter was now in treatment. The page said he also has a 3 -year -old son. The page added that the funds raised would go to the family that would pay their medical and legal invoices while dealing with the horrible situation. The family also plans to move houses so that they can start healing recent events.

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