‘Aperry, get out a beer, get out a beer’

A little less than 2,000 realzales were able to spread all their txuri urdin sentiment throughout Rome during a very pleasant Thursday day in the streets of the Italian capital. There was no classic monument of the Eternal City where there were no txuri urdin t-shirts, scarves or flags. The Colosseum, of course, the Forum, the Pantheon or the fenced Piazza Spagna had an expected reinforcement of tourists who fattened the already long queues for access.

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Unai Valverde

In addition, the team’s mascot, ‘Txurdin’ was seen in several of these enclaves to the happiness of the parish. There were also other celebrities like the realistic gamer Cecilia Marcos or the actor Jon Mendia to those who had to be photographed with the ‘enhancements’. The one who took a mass bath was Jokin Aperribay, which the fans received in Piazza del Popolo, the ‘meeting point’ that Real had to improvise because the Italian authorities had sealed off the previously established one, Piazza de Spagna. The destruction caused by the AZ Alkmaar fans in a previous match was the trigger.

The president came with some of his team members, such as Angel Oyarzun, and took a picture with everyone who wanted. The parish began to sing to him: “aperry, get a beer”, but there were no bars and the barra was given a can of beer, with which he toasted and then drank. The one he gave it to, Andonicompensated him with a shirt signed by Silva. Gift.

The entire club regretted that around 160 ‘realzales’ could not travel to Rome due to the air traffic controllers’ strike in France. 70 were left hanging in Loui, 90 more in Biarritz. Some of the first arrived in Barcelona, ​​but did not take the plane that took them to the Eternal City. La Real was in contact with them and had some buses prepared in Rome, but it was not possible. “The Royal Society regrets the situation experienced by several dozen of our fans due to the driver’s strike in France and overbooking that they will not be able to support us this afternoon at the Olympic Stadium. One more reason for us to give it our all on the pitch. Zuengatik!” , was the club’s message on social networks.

Back in the stadium, the txuri urdin fans began cheering an hour before the game, but their chants were answered by whistles from Roma supporters, who arrived in waves at the stadium.

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