Another Video Of Married TikTok Lady Soliciting Money While Going Nαkɛd On Live Surfaces

if you will recall yesterday, a Ghanaian woman has been in the news for going live on TikTok while going nαkɛd for her viewers.

She reportedly did the insane act while she was lying to sleep at night – her husband and child were right next to her at the moment she went live.

Right after going nαkɛd on TikTok for a few likes, money, and whatnot, a netizen @gordongy1 allegedly screen-recorded the act.

The woman, who has been identified simply as Franca was called out by the netizen for her insane act.

Out of anger, Franca went live on a new session to rain unprintable words on the netizen.

Not too long after that, the husband of the said woman reportedly thrɛ. athened her with a divorce, which sparked fear in her – she went live on TikTok to cry about it and even ask that netizens delete her video.

Well, a new video of her has resurfaced, this time around the video captures the moment she went live on TikTok to solicit money.

Her child could be heard in the background as she tries to shut him up.

Married TikTok Woman
Married TikTok Woman

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