another failure with PSG and a future in the air

From heaven to hell in just over two months. Leo Messi He has gone from touching glory to practically achieving the last milestone that he was missing in his sports career, that of being world champion with Argentina, to savor again the sweetness of a European failure with the Paris Saint-Germain.

PSG is out of the Champions League after being eliminated against Bayern Munich. Again almost at the first change, again in the round of 16. last year was the real Madrid the one who crossed his path with a comeback mark of the house, and this time the Gauls have once again stumbled with the same stone against the Germans, much more equipment and much more reliable.

The defeat is painful for the club, for its leader Nasser Al-Khelaifi but above all for Leo Messi. The Argentine was surely facing his last bullet to do something great in the best competition in the world. win the league 1 They are just a few crumbs that are already taken for granted, but the ex of the barca he went to Paris to win something more than the French league.

Messi, at the Allianz Arena.


With the matter of its renewal still on the table and not closed, its future remains unknown. The contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires on June 30 and nobody knows yet what to expect because anything can happen. The siren songs to go to Saudi Arabia or even to USA They are there, they are real and at any time they can have an effect, but everything will depend on whether the Argentine still has the strength to endure another year at the level of the best.

He will turn 36 this summer, and age is not just a number when it comes to professional football. Leo has not shone in this tie, especially in the second leg when his team needed him without neymar, that you will have to go through the operating room. His return to Barça seems like a chimera due to the economic issue, so it is highly probable that Messi has spent the last bullet on him in the Champions League.

an intense match

With the 0-1 achieved in the Princes Parkhe bayern He had the tie very expensive for the second leg. The Germans are reliable at home, they don’t usually fail in this type of meeting and they also knew that they could play with the desire of a Paris Saint-Germain that a new monumental failure in Champions League.

The party was one of those who make fans. The two teams could be expected to temporize a bit in the first half, wanting to leave everything for the last few minutes, but they almost fell into an open grave from the start because spaces were found with astonishing ease.

Messi, on his clearest occasion against Sommer.

Messi, on his clearest occasion against Sommer.


Halfway through the first half, Messi had the clearest chance of this first act. It was triple, because in two shots he found himself with the legs of the Bayern defense and in the last one with the intervention of summer. Precisely the goalkeeper was the protagonist shortly after, because he tried to dribble in his area, lost the ball and put the goal on a plate for Vitinha, something he avoided DeLigt with a miraculous appearance at the finish line.

Everything remained to be decided for the second act. It began with Bayern warning, with a goal disallowed Choupo Moting for an offside Muller, He didn’t even touch the ball. The referee interpreted that he intervened in the play to mislead Donnarumma, so it did not validate the deal.

Bayern was better and it was clear that they could not miss the opportunity to be in the quarterfinals. Getting rid of PSG was no easy task, but it would certainly pave the way for the title. In those, quarter of an hour after the restart Goretzka stole a ball from Verratti in the front of the area despite the fact that the Italian called for a free kick and gave way so that Choupo-Moting, free of a mark and almost without a goalkeeper, pushed it on goal.

Leo Messi regrets the elimination in the Champions League round of 16.

Leo Messi regrets the elimination in the Champions League round of 16.


That’s where the party died. PSG was left without the ability to react because Bayern tied the situation very well. Just a couple of headers from Sergio Ramos from set pieces seriously disturbed Summer, but those epic goals from the Spanish center-back seem not to be so easy if he doesn’t play for Real Madrid. At the last minute, in case there was any doubt, gnabry he finished off the match with the second.

Bayern is already in the quarterfinals, while Paris Saint-Germain will have to lick their wounds for another year with their multimillion-dollar project that falls far short of the long-awaited title again.

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